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The Best Invoicing for Physical Therapists

Invoicing shouldn’t be overwhelming. FreshBooks’ invoicing software lets you quickly input your codes, services and prices to bill your cherished clients with a minimum of effort.

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Physical Therapy Invoice Template

Frustrated with your invoicing? Download our free physical therapy invoice template. You’ll love its simple, intuitive layout that makes entering the right services and details easy.

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Get Your Free Physical Therapy Invoice Template

Being a physical therapist is fulfilling and exciting, but it can also be difficult.  Between examining the patient’s condition, making a diagnosis and coming up with and executing a treatment plan, you don’t need the admin work getting in the way of making a difference in your patients’ lives.

This is why the FreshBooks physical therapy invoice helps you by saving you time on delivering a professional, accurate invoice to your patients.

Our invoice template is fully customizable not only to your brand but the type of service you’re delivering, so you can get paid quickly and get back to the work that really matters.

Available for download in .PDF, .XLS, .DOC,  Google Docs and Google Sheets. Check out all invoice template formats here.

Download a Physical Therapy Invoice Template

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Invoice Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy Invoice Template

Physical therapy Excel Invoice

You’re in the field rehabbing your patients and getting them back on their feet. The physiotherapy invoice template helps you do just that, as it’s designed to customize and send in as little as a couple of minutes.

Download as:

What Is a Physical Therapy Invoice Used For?

You love what you do and you wish you could do it for free, but in order to grow your business to help more people, it’s important that you get paid. Having a solid physical therapy invoice makes the transaction period simple and quick to move through.

By showing your patients a professional itemization of the services you’re rendering, the reason they’re necessary and the investment it requires, you’ll have an easy time getting paid.

That’s why the physical therapy invoice is the perfect fit – because it lets you include all of these details that make it easy and clear for your patients to want to pay you for the great value you provide.

How to Create a Physical Therapy Invoice

Creating your first physical therapy invoice is easy with FreshBooks’ template. After your first one is done, it’s easy to duplicate the branding for future invoices – which makes it even easier moving forward.

  1. Download the free FreshBooks physical therapy invoice template in your desired format, be it Excel, Word, Google Sheets, etc.
  2. Add your logo (or headshot), along with your brand colors, fonts, taglines and anything else that’s a stamp for your brand
  3. Add your contact details at the top of the template
  4. Stop here and duplicate the document. Use the copy for future invoices
  5. List the services rendered and the description of these services in the itemized portion of the template. This is a good time to point out why each practice is important (in the details section)
  6. Enter the purchaser’s name and relevant contact details
  7. Add in the final total in the “Total” portion
  8. Specify the payment options you accept
  9. Then add any special notes in the notes section. Often these are used for terms of service, privacy policies, or customized solutions
  10. Save

The FreshBooks physical therapy invoice template is designed not only to be fast, but easy for your clients to understand exactly what they’re paying you for so you minimize disputes.

Types of Physical Therapy Invoices

Physical therapy isn’t a one-trick-pony kind of profession. Unlike professions like personal training, it’s deeply rooted in complex medical practice. So if you have one particular specialty, your job still has a lot of variety. It requires you to be flexible in the services you offer and how you implement treatment.

If you own a practice, you might several different types of physical therapists on staff who have different specialties. This makes the level and types of services you offer even more complex. And your invoices need to be able to reflect the personalized treatment offered to each patient.

This is why the physical therapy invoice template from FreshBooks offers the same level of flexibility to match your services.

Types of Physical Therapy Invoices Include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy Invoice
  • Geriatric Physical Therapy Invoice
  • Vestibular Invoice
  • Neurological Physical Therapy Invoice
  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy Invoice
  • Cardiovascular Physical Therapy Invoice

If you run your own private practice with other therapists who have multiple specialties, even massage therapy, it makes it even more important to have a flexible physical therapy invoice template to cover the wide variety of work your team undertakes.

With the FreshBooks physical therapy invoice template, you can customize your invoices to match whatever services you provide. Whether your patients are old, young, recovering from neurosurgery, or a bone injury, you can customize your invoice to suit the specific treatment you’re giving to a patient. It can be used whether you are in the US, the UK or beyond.

Download Free Templates

Download a Physical Therapy Invoice Template for Free

The FreshBooks physical therapy invoice template you can easily input your brand, business information, treatment details and prices. In a matter of minutes, you can deliver the details of the transaction with your client so you can get back to work.

It comes it whatever format you need, and is easy to deliver by mail, email, fax, or even print and hand over on the spot. And to boot, the physical therapy invoice template is free for your medical practice. So download your template today and get started creating your first invoice.

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