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Free Invoice Template

With free invoice templates send tailored and polished invoices to your customers in Australia, a fast, easy, and free way to simplify your invoicing needs.

Free Tax Invoice Templates

Invoice Templates are the perfect solution for Australian business owners who need to send out invoices quickly. Our professional invoice templates are tailored to include ABN or ACN, increase brand recognition, and give clients a professional experience. Want to see it in action? Try our templates for free, or scroll to explore more templates based on format types, or industry.

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Free Invoice Generator

Try FreshBooks free invoice generator, and you’ll see how easy it is to create, download, and send tailored invoices in minutes—no sign-up required. If you like how much time you save and how professional your invoices look, sign up for a free trial now and experience our full suite of invoicing and accounting features. 

Invoice Template Format

FreshBooks free templates for invoicing are available in all of the most popular formats. Choose one of our free downloadable templates, and start creating your own custom invoices today. 

Invoice Template Format

FreshBooks free templates for invoicing are available in all of the most popular formats. Choose one of our free downloadable templates, and start creating your own custom invoices today. 

Excel Templates

Excel’s easy-to-use formulas make Excel Invoice Templates ideal for businesses that need to itemise a large number of products or services.

Word Templates

Microsoft Word Invoice Templates are ideal for businesses that want to create highly branded invoices with images, colours, and other tailoring.

Google Sheet Templates

Google Sheet Invoice Templates make quick work of creating Excel-style invoices in easily shareable Google Sheets. 

Google Docs Templates

Google Docs templates offer more freedom for design tailoring so you can streamline your invoicing process in just a few clicks using your preferred online word processor.

PDF Templates

Portable Document Format (PDF) invoices can be password protected, making them extra secure. Our PDF Invoice Template is professional-looking and easy to tailor.

Invoice Templates by Industry

Trades & Home

Whether you work in construction, home improvement, or as an HVAC contractor, FreshBooks’ Trades & Home Invoice Templates make it easy to break out details and bill for labour and materials.


FreshBooks’ Legal Invoices let you customise a variety of professional law templates to best suit your legal practice so you can bill clients with ease.

Marketing & Creatives 

FreshBooks’ professional invoices for marketing and creative businesses let you customize your templates to reflect the unique terms of your industry—perfect if you work in a creative field with different project scopes and billing terms.


Give your business an effortlessly professional touch with FreshBooks Business Invoice Templates. Tailor them with your colours and logo to build your brand.


Provide a detailed record of the goods or services sold with a variety of Templates for your business’s specific needs.


Find peace of mind with detailed Medical invoicing that ensures accurate billing and easy payment processing. 


Our itemised Auto Invoice Templates guarantee transparency and accuracy in every transaction and provide a clear, detailed record of services rendered. 

Transportation Invoice Template

Oil Change Invoice Template

Car Detailing Invoice Template

Invoice Templates vs. FreshBooks

Free invoice templates allow you to streamline your billing process quickly and easily, but FreshBooks lets you take it to the next level. Our comprehensive invoicing and accounting software offers automated and customised invoicing, faster online payments, and time tracking to simplify your bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

Downloadable Invoice Template




Free Invoice Template

Flexible invoice templates

Printable formats

Email invoices at no cost

Accept payments on invoices

Schedule invoices

Automate payment reminders and late fees

Manage paid and outstanding invoices

Set up deposits for projects

Add discounts and credits to invoices

Automate recurring subscription invoices

Create and send invoices via mobile devices

Access your invoices FOREVER on the cloud 🔥

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Invoices 101: Helpful Invoicing Resources

FreshBooks Resource Hub has a wealth of informational and educational resources to help you stay organised and make informed decisions about your business. Check out our primers on invoicing basics, plus in-depth guides for specific needs like tax deductions for small businesses or invoicing as a consultant. 

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10 Best Construction Estimating Software: Free & Paid

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Invoice Template?

An Invoice Template is a pre-designed invoice layout with fillable fields. Simply enter the pertinent information, and the template does the math for you. Invoice Templates enable businesses to create invoices quickly and efficiently and streamline their operations. Our templates are easily tailored so that you can show off your brand logo and colours.

What information should be included in an Invoice Template?

An Australian Invoice Template has fields where you input your company’s name and contact information, your client’s name and contact information, an invoice number, ABN or ACN, GST, a description of the products or services provided, the total cost, the date of the invoice, the payment due date, and any additional information you wish to include, such as terms and conditions or a personal note to a special customer.

How do I send an invoice using the template?

To send an invoice, download the completed invoice to your computer. Then, you can email it to your customer, print it and send it via post, or both. To ensure efficiency and get paid fast, you can also use FreshBooks. FreshBooks simplifies small business invoicing and billing with features like Automated Recurring Invoices, Payments, Payment Reminders, and Retainers. Once you enter the necessary information into the platform, the software generates the invoice and sends it to the customer. They can check out the invoice on the portal or in their email.

Can I use an Invoice Template for different types of businesses?

Yes—our Invoice Templates can be tailored to suit the needs of nearly any type of business, from retail to consumer packaged goods brands and contractors to consultants in virtually any industry. Our Invoice Templates are designed to be versatile and flexible so that you can display your brand’s logo, colours, and more.

How do I make an invoice for my small business?

Creating an invoice for your small business is easy with an Invoice Template for Australia. Choose the type of template that best suits your needs, and tailor it with the necessary information, including your and your customer’s name, contact information, and the details of the products or services provided. Then, download your invoice, and send it via email—or print and mail it.

Do I need invoicing software to create invoices?

No, you don’t necessarily need invoicing software to create invoices. While invoicing software, like FreshBooks, can simplify the process and offer additional features like automation and tracking, you can still develop invoices using word processors or spreadsheet programs. It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

What is the best program to create invoices?

Every Australian business owner has different invoicing needs. The best software is one that not only allows you to send professional, branded invoices but also integrates with your bookkeeping and accounting software to save you time and money. FreshBooks is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to send invoices in seconds while making it easy for clients to pay invoices. All while ensuring you are ready for tax time and clear on the financial health of your business.


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