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Services Rendered Invoice Template

Stop waiting on payments from your clients. FreshBooks’ invoicing software gets you paid 2x faster for your services with easy-to-send invoices that are even easier to pay.

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The Best Way to Invoice

Invoicing can be this easy. The free downloadable service invoice template makes it simple to fill out and send your clients professional, detailed invoices in no time at all.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Services Rendered Invoice Template

As a business owner, your time is valuable. You deserve to be compensated for every service that you provide. Fortunately, with the free service invoice template from FreshBooks, you can get paid what you are worth without spending a dime.

Get started on creating your first professional invoice today so that you can get paid the right way.

Download a Services Rendered Invoice Template

Invoice with FreshBooks

Service Work Order

When there is a job to be done, you get it done right. Use a free service work order template to bill for your hard work. Download the template now to create detailed, professional invoices for your business.

Download as:

Service Bill Template

Your company provides high-quality services, so it is time to see that high-quality paycheck. Bill your clients with a custom invoice with the help of the free template from FreshBooks.

Download as:

Blank Service Invoice Template

The blank service invoice template from FreshBooks is exactly what your business needs to bill your clients for your valuable services. Skip the accountant, create your own invoices and get paid fast.

Download as:

Invoice with FreshBooks

Sample Service Invoice Template

If you are in a rut with your billing process and tempted to hire an accountant, think again. With the help of the sample invoice for services rendered from FreshBooks, you can create your own professional invoices.

Download as:

Free Service Invoice Template

The work is done and it’s time to get paid. So how do you let your clients know what they owe? The free resources from FreshBooks are here to guide you in your invoice-making process so that you can get what you are due.

Download as:

What is a Services Rendered Invoice Used for?

No matter what service your company provides, you deserve to get paid for your hard work. The best way to get paid what you are worth is to send an invoice to your clients to bill for the services that your company has provided.

The typical service invoice includes contact information for both you and the client, a list of services provided, all charges made to the account, payment instructions and a due date.

FreshBooks has the formula for the perfect invoice. You can download the services rendered invoice template in Word and a variety of other applications to get started today.

A well-written invoice doubles as a record of financial information which is particularly helpful for when you file your taxes or want to monitor the growth of your company. A few reasons for using a service invoice:

  • Stay on top of missed due dates and debtors
  • Avoid missed payments
  • Record important information for tax time
  • Notify clients of charges made to their accounts
  • Organize all financial information
  • Keep bookkeeping quick and easy
  • Get paid for your valuable services

How to Create a Services Rendered Invoice

The time has come for you to get paid for your hard work. Create a professional invoice to let your clients know exactly how much they owe for your services.

Download the free service invoice template from FreshBooks and create your invoice in a matter of minutes.

  1. Download your free service invoice template from FreshBooks
  2. Add your business name and contact information
  3. Customize with your business’s branding by adding media and logo
  4. Fill in the client’s name, business and contact details
  5. Create and add unique invoice number to the template
  6. Add invoice date and payment due date
  7. Provide a detailed list of services provided with descriptions and costs of each
  8. Calculate the total cost and add to the “total” section of  the invoice
  9. Write out payment terms and additional payment information
  10. Save

By following just a few quick steps, you can create the perfect professional invoice.

Jump on the bandwagon with your fellow business owners from North America, the UK and beyond. Use the helpful resources from FreshBooks to bill your clients the right way.

Types of Service Invoices

Whether you’re looking for a template for a professional invoicecreative invoiceitemized invoice or another, FreshBooks has got your back.

Your business is unique and you need an equally unique invoice to bill for your services. Luckily, the sample invoice for services rendered from FreshBooks is highly customizable so that you can meet the needs of both you and your client every time.

You can create a service invoice in PDF and many other file forms. You may also choose to create a service invoice in Excel for ease in calculating total costs and other figures. Types of invoices to charge for services:

  • Standard Invoice: A Standard Invoice is very straightforward. It simply outlines the amount that the client owes for the services provided
  • Recurring Invoice: A Recurring Invoice is used to collect payments for services on an ongoing basis
  • Prepayment Invoice: This sort of invoice is used to collect a down payment before the services are performed or before the total cost is due
  • Time-Based Invoice: A Time-Based Invoice is used to collect payment for the amount of time spent performing a service
  • Credit Invoice: A Credit Invoice is a type of invoice used to signify a credit made to a client account, such as in the event of a rebate or refund
  • Debit Invoice: A Debit Invoice is used to signify an increase in the cost of the services that have been provided
  • Mixed Invoice: A Mixed Invoice is a report of both charges and credits made to a client account

The options are seemingly endless when it comes to creating your service invoice. What type of invoice will you choose to bill your clients?

Download Free Templates

Download a Services Rendered Invoice Template for Free

Now is the time to get paid for your hard work. The first step to getting paid is billing your clients. With the service invoice example from FreshBooks, creating professional invoices to bill for your services has never been easier.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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