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How to Write an Invoice for Services Rendered | Service-Based Invoicing

To write an invoice for services rendered, small businesses must develop and follow a service invoice template that provides clients with all the project details they need to make a payment. Service-based businesses rely on regular payments from clients for their services. Businesses should ensure their service invoices include a complete itemized list of the services they provided, their business contact details, a specific invoice due date and the total amount owing on the invoice.

Here are some helpful topics for learning how to write an invoice for services rendered:

How to Invoice for Services

What’s a Service Invoice?

What’s a Service-Based Business?

Free Service-Based Invoice Template

How to Invoice for Services

To write an invoice for services rendered, small businesses should follow these service-based invoicing steps:

1. Develop a Service-Based Invoice Template

All service-based businesses should develop and follow an invoice template that works for them. The template should feature the business’s branding including its logo, common fonts and color palettes. The service invoice template should be simple, professional and should showcase the most important information on the invoice: your business information, the amount owing and the invoice due date. You can create your own invoice template design, or you can download a free service invoice template to use.

2. List Your Business Name and Contact Information

In the header of your service invoice, include your business logo and clearly list your business name, your business’s address, your email address and your phone number, so your clients can easily contact you with any questions about your service invoice.

3. Include Your Client’s Name and Contact Details

Next on your service invoice you’ll want to list your client’s name and contact details, including the contact name, business address, phone number and email address. When billing a new client for the first time, it’s a good practice to check with your main contact who the best contact person is for your service invoices. Especially with larger companies, the billing contact is often a different person than your day-to-day contact for work matters.

4. Assign a Service Invoice Number

Each service invoice you create should include a unique invoice number that is listed clearly on the bill. The invoice number serves as an important reference when you need to discuss a specific invoice with a client and it also helps streamline your bookkeeping process. Invoice numbers can include numbers, letters or a mix of the two.

5. Write the Issuing Date for Your Service Invoice

Include the invoice date on your service invoice. You can either list the specific date on which you issue the invoice, or instead, you can include the billing period. The billing period will depend on the invoicing cycle your business follows. If you invoice clients monthly, your billing period could be December 1 to December 31, for example, and your service invoice would cover all the work you provided for your client in that period.

6. List All Services Rendered

A service invoice should include a detailed itemized list that explains all the services you provided for the client during the billing cycle. To list your services on the invoice you should:

  • List the service with a brief description of the work completed
  • List the hours worked or the quantity provided beside each service
  • List the rate of pay for each service provided
  • Finally, list the subtotal for each of the services listed

7. Include Applicable Taxes for Your Services

The taxes you charge clients for your services will depend largely on where your business is located and how your business is set up. Different states require small businesses to charge different amounts of sales tax. The Tax Foundation offers a helpful guide to state and local sales tax rates for 2018.

8. Outline Your Accepted Payment Methods

Determine what payment methods you’ll accept from clients for your services. This can include check, credit card, cash, online payments and direct bank deposits. It’s a good idea to offer as many options as makes sense for your business, to give your clients some flexibility. Be sure to provide details on your service invoice of all the payment methods you offer.

9. Show the Service Invoice Due Date

Include a specific payment due date on your service invoice. Use direct language rather than vague instructions. List the exact due date, i.e. “Payment due December 31, 2018” so there’s no confusion for your client. Make sure this information is prominently displayed on your service invoice so it catches the client’s eye.

10. Include the Total Amount Due

Finally, your service invoice should include the total amount owing for the services you provided. Like the invoice due date, this information should be prominent, with a large, bold font that pops from the background color of your invoice.

What’s a Service Invoice?

A service invoice is an accounting document that a service-based business sends to its clients to request payment for its services. Service invoices provide the client with the amount owing on the invoice, the deadline for payment and a detailed list of the services provided. A service invoice acts as a bill for the services provided by a business to a client.

What’s a Service-Based Business?

A service-based business is a company that provides professional services to clients for payment, as opposed to providing products. The work of service-based businesses tends to be project-based. Examples of service based industries include:

  • Lawyers
  • Business consultants
  • IT professionals
  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Landscapers

Free Service-Based Invoice Template

For more help on how to write an invoice for services rendered, you can download a service invoice template from FreshBooks. It includes a clear, professional invoice design and lists all the information you’ll want to include on your service invoices. The service invoice template is available in Word, Excel and PDF formats.


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