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Blank Invoice Template

Get paid 2x faster for your work with FreshBooks invoicing for small businesses. Create detailed, customizable invoices fast and be backed by our award-winning support any time you need it.

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The Best Way to Invoice

Start fresh with your business invoicing with the free blank invoice template from FreshBooks. Simply download, custom and send for professional looking invoices in minutes.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Blank Invoice Template

Creating invoices for your small business just got easier.

Why spend time fussing with complicated invoice templates? With the blank invoice template from FreshBooks, you can start making professional invoices for free in a matter of minutes.

Simply download the template, edit, save and send.

Available for download in .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets. View our complete list here.

Download a Blank Invoice Template

Invoice With Freshbooks

Blank Work Order

Get back to basics with the free blank work order template. No matter your industry, you can use this template to bill your clients for your products and services. Fast, simple and ready to go.

Download as:

Blank Bill Template

Bill your clients with the professional blank bill template. Suitable for all business owners, this template is ready for you to download, customize and send in minutes.

Download as:

Sample Blank Invoice Template

Not sure how to create an invoice for your business? The sample blank invoice template shows you how it’s done. With customizable fields and multiple format options, this template is ready for you to use right away.

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

Free Blank Invoice Template

Save money on business invoicing with the free blank invoice template. Click on the template, fill in your company details and services provided and send directly to your clients. Did we mention it’s free?

Download as:

Blank Invoicing for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you have a lot of things to manage in your business. From invoicing to accounting to staying on top of taxes, it can all get a little complicated.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

Using blank invoicing for your small business means having a free, go-to source for creating custom invoices for your clients. No more spending countless hours formatting invoices.

Ready to start making professional invoices for free? Start creating a blank invoice template for fast and easy invoicing.

The blank invoice template from FreshBooks makes it easy to start sending invoices to your clients. Serving business owners across the world, from North America to the UK, we create templates that are perfect for all kinds of industries.

Whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer, you can use the printable blank invoice to customize your invoices and send them in less than a few minutes.

A blank invoice template is a functional document that allows you to describe the services you have provided, add up the costs and include payment information so that you can bill your clients. This helps you keep all of your accounts organized and keeps important financial information on hand come tax time.

The blank invoice template doc comes complete with editable fields, customizable features and the information you need to collect payment better.

You won’t have to worry about forgetting the important details—the template handles all of that for you. Simply download the document, fill it out and send.

How to Make an Invoice from a Blank Invoice Template

Everyone loves a blank slate. Or in this case, a blank invoice template to start creating awesome, professional invoices in no time.

So how do you make magic happen and create invoices using the free blank invoice template?

It’s easy. Simply download the blank invoice template doc, fill it out, save and send.

Our invoices are available in Google Docs or Google Sheets formats for easy sharing.

  1. Download the “Blank Invoice Template” in PDF, Word or Excel format
  2. Open the blank invoice doc in Microsoft Word, Excel or as a PDF
  3. Add your business information. Be sure to include your business or company name, address, contact information and logo
  4. Customize the invoice. Add in your client information, the services provided, costs, payment methods, due date and terms and conditions
  5. Name your invoice. Example: “(client name) Invoice – (date)”
  6. Save

Learn how to make professional invoices with ease. With the free blank invoice template, you can add your business information, payment details and more.

Creating an invoice is easy. Download the blank invoice templates as a Word doc, Excel file or PDF, fill in the custom fields, save and send. The blank template ensures that you aren’t missing any of the important details, all while being able to customize the invoice to fit each client.

Using professional invoices helps you keep your small business finances in check and avoid headaches come tax time. You can also save time and money on using confusing and expensive accounting software. It’s time for a simpler invoicing solution.

How to Fill Out an Invoice Form Blank Template

Spend less time on accounting and more time doing what you love. With the blank invoice template from FreshBooks, you can send professional, customizable invoices in just a few minutes. That’s time left over to focus on what matters most in your business.

Starting from the blank invoice template doc, you will want to fill it out and customize it to suit your business needs. Fortunately, this is easier than ever before. Follow the simple directions below to learn how to customize your blank invoice template.

  1. Download the “Blank Invoice Template” as a Microsoft Word doc, an Excel file or as a PDF
  2. Open the template on your computer or device
  3. Add your business branding. Include your business name, contact details, logo and other features on your invoice
  4. “Save” your blank invoice template
  5. To create a new client invoice, make a copy of the existing document
  6. Customize the invoice for your client. Be sure to include your client’s business or company information, the services provided, pricing, payment details and terms and conditions.
  7. Name the invoice. Example: “(client business name) Invoice | (date)”
  8. “Save”

Customizing your blank invoice templates adds a professional touch that your clients will appreciate. Include important details such as your contact information, services provided, costs and payment terms to ensure you get paid the right way, every time.

Download Free Templates

How to Send a Blank Invoice to Clients

Ready to start sending invoices to your clients?

Once you have customized your blank invoice template, you can send invoices to your clients via mail or email. Doing so is fast, easy and free.

  1. Find the invoice you want to send
  2. Confirm that all information is correct. Check for services provided, costs, total, payment details, due date and terms.
  3. Name your invoice. For example, “(client name) Invoice – (invoice #)”
  4. To email the final invoice, compose an email using your business email account. Include your client’s name and email address, write a message, and attach the invoice to the email as a Microsoft Word .DOC or PDF.
  5. “Send”
  6. To mail your invoice, print off the completed invoice doc and mail to the address provided

The simple invoice template makes it easy to send invoices directly to your small business or freelance clients. Download the free templates to get started today. Available in .doc, .xls and .pdf format.

Download the Free Blank Invoice Template

Now sending invoices to your clients can be a breeze.

Don’t waste time on confusing and expensive accounting software. Instead, send professional invoices for free with the blank invoice template from FreshBooks.

Simply download the free blank printable invoice, fill it out, customize and send. You can create functional invoices for your small business in a matter of minutes. Get started today.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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