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Auto Repair Invoice Template

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The Best Invoicing for Auto Repair

Ready to get paid for your auto repair services? Create and send detailed invoices in minutes. Download the free auto repair invoice template from FreshBooks to get started.

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Get Your Free Auto Repair Invoice Template

From managing a shop to staying on top of business finances, your work as an auto repair business owner can be a full-time job.

Fortunately, when it comes to sending professional invoices to your customers, the process couldn’t be easier. Having access to an auto repair estimate template can be a lifesaver.

With the free auto repair invoice template from FreshBooks, you can send a detailed invoice in a matter of minutes.

Ready for fast and easy invoicing? Get the free auto repair invoice template today. Now available in .DOC, .XLS, or .PDF., Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Download an Auto Repair Invoice Template

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Automotive & Mechanic Template

If you’re a mechanic or own an automotive shop, creating professional invoices may seem like yet another cumbersome task. Not anymore. With the free automotive and mechanic billing template.

Download as:

Auto & Car Detailing Template

As an auto and car detailing shop owner, you know that attention to detail matters. Why should your invoices be any different? This template includes all of the features and information you need in order to get paid the right way.

Download as:

Automotive & Car Repair Template

You may repair cars for a living, but you don’t want to have to fix your invoices. Get it right the first time with the free automotive and car repair template. Simply download, customize and send.

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

Auto Repair Work Order

An auto repair work order lets your customers know exactly what services you provided and how you should be compensated. Get paid the right way with the free work order template from FreshBooks.

Download as:

Auto Repair Bill Template

Before your client drives off the lot, it’s time to get paid for all your hard work. With the auto repair bill template, you can be sure to get compensated for your services right away.

Download as:

Blank Auto Repair Invoice Template

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple. With the blank auto repair invoice template, all you have to do is download the template, fill it out and send it to your auto repair clients.

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

Sample Auto Repair Invoice Template

Get back to basics with the sample auto repair invoice template. This template makes it easy to bill your clients and take home the money you deserve, without having to use a cumbersome invoicing method.

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

Free Auto Repair Invoice Template

Less money spent on expensive invoicing tools means more money in your bank. The free auto repair invoice template doesn’t cost a cent, and allows you to collect payment from your clients in minutes.

Download as:

Sample Auto Repair Work Order

With this sample auto repair work order, you can bill your clients for a wide range of auto repair services. Once you have made your customers happy, you can send them a professional invoice to get paid for your work.

Download as:

What Is an Auto Repair Invoice Used For?

Whether you are an auto repair shop owner or a solo mechanic, every time you provide a service to your customers, you will need to send them an invoice. Many auto body and car repair businesses use complicated and expensive accounting software to send invoices, but these can eat up a lot of time and money.

By creating auto repair invoices for your business, you reduce the need for relying on confusing invoicing tools. Accessing free auto repair invoice software saves you the hassle of doing it yourself, and ensures you’re invoicing your clients correctly, ensuring that you get paid the right way, every time.

With the free auto repair invoice, you can make professional invoices to suit your needs in just a matter of minutes, without having to dip into your pocketbook. An auto mechanic invoice template can be used for a wide range of services, such as:

  • Truck or car repair
  • Oil changes
  • Brake replacement
  • Tire replacement
  • Accident repair
  • Window repair or replacement
  • Fuel system and engine repair
  • AC installation or repair
  • Exhaust testing and repair
  • Towing
  • Auto Body repair
  • Auto glass repair
  • Bodywork repair
  • Brake repair
  • Paintwork repairs
  • Transmission repair
  • and more

Use the customizable mechanic invoice template to bill clients for all of the services you provide so that you can get paid the right way, every time. The invoice templates calculate costs and sales, add up totals and keep your customer accounts organized.

Using an invoice generator is the best way to ensure your clients are receiving an accurate car repair receipt, keeping your company legitimate and your business professional.

Spend less time on invoicing and more time on doing what matters most in your auto repair business.

How to Create a Mechanic Invoice

Creating professional auto repair invoices is fast and easy.

With the free mechanic invoice templates, you can be sure that you aren’t missing any of the important details when collecting payment from your customers.

Plus, you can add your own branding elements to make your invoices unique. To create a mechanic invoice:

  1. Download the free “Auto Repair Invoice Template”
  2. Open the invoice template in your chosen format (.DOC, .XLS, or .PDF., Google Docs, or Google Sheets)
  3. Name your auto repair invoice. Example: “(your business name) | Invoice Template”
  4. Customize your invoice. Add your business or company name, logo and branding, contact information, accepted payment methods, payment terms and privacy policy
  5. Create your first client invoice. Select “Make a Copy” and rename the new document. Example: “(client name) Car Repair Invoice, (date)”
  6. Add details to the client invoice. Include your client’s name and business information, services or products provided, descriptions of your service, prices, payment due date and invoice total
  7. Save

The free auto body invoice template allows you the freedom to customize fields to suit your business needs. You can even add your logo and brand styling to fit the look and feel of your auto repair business.

Your clients will appreciate receiving a professional invoice that is personalized for them.

In just a few minutes you can start getting paid for your auto repair work, without the headache of having to use confusing and expensive accounting software.

The free auto repair invoice templates from FreshBooks are helping auto repair businesses in North America, the UK, and beyond to create great invoices for their clients.

Download Free Templates

Download a Mechanic Invoice Template for Free

Billing for auto repair work is now easier than ever.

Spend more time doing what you love and less time wrestling with confusing and expensive accounting software. Instead of stressing over convoluted invoices and estimates, you can focus on your business.

With the free auto repair invoice template from FreshBooks, you’ll have your business running like a well-oiled machine in no time.

Download the mechanic invoice template to get started with fast and secure invoicing. With tailored vehicle repair receipt templates, you’ll never have to worry about invoicing again.

Auto Repair Invoice Template FAQs

How do I invoice an auto repair?

Once you’ve finished repairing or providing maintenance to your client’s automobile, you’ll need to invoice your client for the service.

Auto repair invoice and estimating templates are a great way to ensure you do so accurately and efficiently, leaving no margin for error or delays in payment.

Simply download the auto repair service template from FreshBooks, customize it to suit your company, fill in the empty fields and send it to your client. You’ll be back to running your business in no time!

How do I write a receipt for car repairs?

When it’s time to write an auto repair receipt for your client, you’ll need to create a professional and accurate document to send.

Include your company name and logo at the top, then your contact details so that they can reach you. Any further business info, such as your business address, just below.

Next, you’ll need to make sure you include the clients details, as well as a receipt number for referencing purposes.

Have a section that includes details for each of the services you’ve rendered, from oil changes to break repairs, alongside a price for every line.

Finally, include your billing information including preferred payment methods, and your invoice is revved up and ready to go!

What is a repair invoice?

If you’ve found yourself wondering exactly what exactly a repair invoice is, look no further. They are a fundamental part of how auto repair shops keep running, and are crucial to making sure businesses get paid.

A repair invoice is how you process your transactions for your auto repair services, and are used for any service that requires upkeep or maintenance to a vehicle.

From oil changes and tyre replacements to full auto body repairs, FreshBooks invoicing software provides expertly structured invoices that will get you paid in no time.

What is the best free invoice template?

The best free invoice template will be the one that suits your industry and helps you get paid quickly and accurately. With your hands full from running an auto repair shop, you can’t afford to be making invoicing mistakes and holding up your cash flow.

With FreshBooks, you’ll gain access to unlimited 100% free auto repair invoice templates that are easy to customize and will suit any service.

FreshBooks auto repair shop invoicing ensures that you get paid the right way, every time.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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