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The State of Small Business in 2020 [Free Download]

In this report, FreshBooks shares how COVID-19 lockdowns, restrictions, and social distancing affected global small business growth.

Here’s What We Found

Despite negative downturns early in the pandemic, small business growth in certain sectors have
bounced back to historical norms. However, some regions are taking longer to recover…

Construction Sector: A Cut Above the Rest

If there’s one area that’s benefited from millions working from home, it’s Construction. By the summer, this sector consistently performed above historical averages.

Spending: Predictably Down Across the Board

With stay-at-home orders or other restrictive measures, total expenses decreased for SMBs, specifically spending on meals, travel, and gas.

Global Impact: A Challenging Year for All

The global SMB economy is struggling to get back to historical averages. However, the U.S. SMB market recovered faster than the rest of the world.

Find Out How SMBs Coped During COVID-19