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7 Best Time and Attendance Tracking Software

7 Best Time and Attendance Tracking Software

As flexible working becomes more common, time tracking software is even more important than before. In the normal office hour days, a timesheet was less needed outside of the hospitality and construction industries. Even then, paper timesheets were inefficient at tracking time accurately.

These software solutions will give you the tools to accurately track time and employee attendance, wherever they are.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:




What Makes Good Time & Attendance Tracking Software?

  1. The ability to sync the timers across devices. Bonus if an employee can check in with the software on their phone or tablet while on the go.
  2. Easy to review time tracking reports. These help to review any issues before they become problems.
  3. Attendance GPS tracking if you need it for distance work. This is particularly relevant for delivery and construction workers.
  4. A timer that employees can use easily. If they create lots of notifications to remind them, that’s even better. Full software implementation is how you get accurate time reports of employee hours.
  5. Software that can highlight absences if necessary. Some solutions also allow for absence approvals to happen via the app.


Our time tracking software is intuitive, fast and easy to use. Because we primarily offer an accounting software solution, we built our timesheets with small businesses in mind. Not only can employees clock in from wherever they are. But you can also assign a dollar amount to their hourly work. Our system will automatically calculate the labor cost so you don't have to. This enables you to easily invoice clients for real-time tracked work. These auto calculations make payroll processing much simpler too.

By using the Chrome extension, employees can clock in while they’re working. It also works on mobile devices. They can also note exactly what they’re working on.

Our system then creates elegant, automatic timesheets. They’re simple to read and show any warning signs of tardiness or absences.


ADP is a Canada-based digital time-clock software that takes things up a notch with the attendance tracking.

The timesheets are simple to use and flexible. It’s great for employee schedules and general workforce management. Employees can submit timecard approvals and request time off via the app. You can accept or reject them at a click of a button.

Best of all, you can integrate ADP with your payroll to compensate for paid time off. It’s a very powerful system that works for businesses of all sizes.


TogglTrack is a great little app that makes time tracking elementary. It syncs across all devices. They have different plans depending on the size of your business.

Time tracking is great because of the smart auto-tracking and notification features. The big hurdle with online timesheets is actually getting your employees to use them. Toggl Track makes that easy by setting idle reminders. If the timer hasn’t started, it’ll send a pop-up notification to your employees to start their timer. Entering work projects is a breeze. So is assigning a dollar amount to everyone’s workload.

Attendance management isn't quite as sophisticated with Toggl Track. However, it’s a great system for productivity monitoring overall.


Connectteam is a one-stop-shop when it comes to employee management software. It can handle communication, time tracking, attendance, training and more.

It’s ideal for tracking employees who are working in remote locations. It has a GPS monitor that links to the app on everyone’s phones. That allows for employees to clock in from wherever they are in real-time. The communication features within the app mean you can stay in touch as a team too.

The employee shift scheduling capabilities are where it truly shines. The system will flag up any absences and create approval forms within the app. If you see a pattern of absences across the employee’s timesheets and schedules, the app will highlight it. The reports are incredibly thorough but easy to read. Overall, Connectteam is a winner for timesheets in general.

The downside is it has no invoicing capabilities, but it does integrate with payroll systems.


Jibble is an employee time clock app that is cutting edge in many ways. It gamifies the concept of time tracking. Making it more appealing to use and more reliably adopted by your employees.

The mobile app uses facial recognition. Your employees “jibble in” from their mobile phones. The AI confirms their identity and starts their work timer automatically. It’s lightning fast and creates real-time check-ins. Attendance tracking has never been so simple!

Jibble was made with the retail, construction and hospitality industries in mind. However, it can be used effectively by any small business wanting to keep better tabs on their employees.

You can use the employee scheduling tools to create and delegate shift work. Employees can accept shifts via the app. Any absences are flagged up instantly to you as the director.

Unlike many mobile timesheets, Jibble is completely free. It’s free forever and has no premium option. All of the time tracking features and attendance reports are accessible on the free plan. You also have the ability to add unlimited users to your plan.

Key Takeaways

Finding the best software for you may take some trial and error. Luckily, many of these software solutions are free or have a free trial. Sign up for one and try it out with your team. Remember accurate timesheets are only possible if employees have a seamless experience with the app you choose. Which integrates best into everyone’s workflow? That’s the attendance solution for you.

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