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10 Best Mileage Tracker Apps for 2024 (Free & Paid)

Mileage Tracker App

If you’re a small business owner or freelancer whose team regularly does business-related driving, you need a mileage tracker app with features like automated tracking and automatic tax deduction calculations, making it easier to calculate your mileage expenses. A variety of mileage tracking apps are available to match the needs of your business—check out our top 10 to find the right fit.

Table of Contents

The best mileage tracker apps of 2024 feature automatic tracking, tax deduction detection, comprehensive reports, and more. Some prices have been converted to pounds and are subject to currency fluctuations.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is one of the best mileage-tracking apps for small businesses. Each time you or one of your team members moves your car for business purposes, the mileage tracker app can automatically log and save the trip in your travel history. With an intuitive interface, you can easily swipe to assign trips as either business or personal and create a report accessible from email or the FreshBooks app.

The app shows potential tax deductions for each trip and downloads precise mileage reports to ensure accurate and compliant taxes. For more specific mileage tracker management, you can manually adjust each logged trip and easily filter and search for trips.


  • Automatic tracking
  • Tax deduction options
  • Manual adjustments
  • Filter and search functions
  • Downloadable reports

FreshBooks comes loaded with other tools to power your business. For example, the receipt and expense tracking tool allows you to connect your bank account and automatically update your spending. The account software app lets you manage your bookkeeping from anywhere, and the invoicing software makes it easy to generate and customise invoices.


FreshBooks’ mileage tracker comes built-in with all plans, including free trials. Paid plans start at £15 per month.

2. Driversnote

Driversnote is a dedicated mileage tracker app designed to eliminate paper logbooks in favour of intuitive and automatic mileage tracking. It delivers reliable and accurate trip reports that you can easily label as personal or business for tax and expense purposes. The app features a motion detector function that starts tracking when you exceed speeds and other thresholds.

The app also has great features for small teams who regularly visit different places. You can save customer locations, set rates to automate mileage reimbursement, create teams, and manually enter or adjust trips as needed.


  • Motion detecting
  • Automatic tracking
  • Trip label options
  • Customisable teams, vehicles, and locations
  • iBeacon tracking


  • May cause excessive battery drain
  • Initial daily tracking sometimes misses distances


Paid plans start at £8 per month and come with unlimited trips and iBeacon auto-tracking.

3. MileIQ

MileIQ is a mile-tracking app that takes tracking off your plate so you and your team can focus on the tasks at hand. It uses automatic drive detection to track and log rides, meaning you never have to hit start or stop. However, this tracking doesn’t kick in until about 800 metres, making it less accurate for businesses that make many short trips. Otherwise, it relies on cell data, GPS mapping, location services, and WiFi to track multiple vehicles, and it can do so without a constant internet connection.

Like other mileage tracker apps, MileIQ offers personalisation options such as saved areas and custom mileage rates. You can also classify your personal and business trips under a variety of subcategories.


  • Automatic drive detection
  • Offline mode
  • Bluetooth vehicle syncing
  • Customised rates and labels


  • Automatic tracking doesn’t start until 0.8km
  • Paid personal plans don’t unlock all features


Individual paid plans start at £5.99 per month, and team plans start at £5 per user per month.

4. Everlance

Millions of users use Everlance, an automatic mileage tracker and expense tracker app. Everlance focuses on automatic drive tracking, such as for courier drivers, and records miles to calculate potential tax deductions, business expenses, and net income.

Everlance offers a few helpful personalisation options to help streamline tracking. For example, you can set working windows so that logged rides within them are always automatically classified under a specified category.


  • Automatic drive tracking
  • Customised working windows, favourite locations, and vehicles
  • Receipt management
  • Credit card and bank account syncing
  • Tax deduction finder


  • Automatic tracking may be unreliable and inaccurate


Paid individual plans start at £5 per month, and team plans start at £10 per user per month.

5. TripLog

TripLog is a cloud-based mileage-tracking app that offers automatic tracking as well as integrated expense and time-tracking tools. With handy integrations with many accounting, payroll, and CRM software, TripLog blends seamlessly into your existing workflow. It relies on a phone’s GPS to automatically track mileage and compares its trips with Google Maps for optimal trip mileage accuracy.

With TripLog, you can take advantage of a variety of built-in features and customisations. These include automated tasks, custom mileage and expense policies, and more.


  • GPS-enabled automatic drive tracking
  • Integrations with payroll, CRM, and accounting software
  • Google Maps cross-referencing
  • Custom tags and fields


  • Free plan doesn’t support automatic tracking
  • Add-on features create higher costs


Paid individual plans start at £5.99 per month, and team plans start at £10 per user per month.

6. QuickBooks Online

With the QuickBooks Online mobile app, you and other drivers on your team can record business-related miles and vehicle expenses. Integrated into its overall accounting software, QuickBooks Online allows you to seamlessly track driving expenses with the rest of your accounting and bookkeeping, making it easy to see everything at tax time. 

Like other mileage tracker apps, QuickBooks Online uses automatic driver detection, so you don’t have to enter trips manually.


  • Great for solo business owners
  • Customisable options
  • Combined with workforce management and accounting features


  • Only shows route start and end points
  • Only admins can track mileage


Individual paid plans start at £10 per month. Team plans start at £24 per month.

7. Hurdlr

Used by a variety of small business owners and freelancers, Hurdlr is designed to streamline mileage tracking. Hurdlr allows users to automatically track their driving, as well as track income and estimate taxes. You can easily connect payable apps, such as PayPal and Uber, making it simple to keep track of work-related trips and associated deductibles.

With the paid Hurdlr plan, you can automate work hours, auto-tag income and expenses, and create conditional rules for tagging. You can also access a variety of advanced accounting reports, but some users report that they’re difficult to decipher.


  • Free automated ride tracking
  • Connects with PayPal, Uber, and other accounts
  • Tags expenses and income
  • Estimates tax deductions and responsibilities


  • Advanced reporting is convoluted
  • Doesn’t scale up to larger teams very well


Access unlimited tracking and add income and expenses for free. Paid plans include automated calculations and start at £6.70 per month.

8. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is a travel management app with a built-in mileage tracking feature to help streamline your business expense reporting. It automates mileage tracking and allows you to set up specific mileage rates according to policies, departments, vehicles, or other factors. You can track mileage based on GPS points, distance covered, and odometer readings. With every trip, you can run a report to analyse the distance each user covers and better analyse your business’s travel policies and budget.


  • Includes other travel management features
  • Four ways to track mileage
  • Customisation options


  • Limited integrations


Paid plans start at £2.5 per user per month and require at least three users.

9. Timeero

Released in 2019, Timeero is time-tracking software with built-in mileage tracking for business-related trips. Using the desktop version or mobile app, you can easily track your team’s mileage, real-time locations, and hours from any device. You can also manage timesheets and schedules, streamlining your overall workforce management. The interface is also easy to use and comes with tech support, allowing you to optimise your workflows.


  • Automatic GPS location tracking
  • Detailed employee task overviews, whereabouts, and routes


  • Occasional bugs
  • Limited integrations
  • Requires background location tracking


Basic plans start at £4 per month per user.

10. Stride

Stride is a free app that allows users to track mileage, income, and expenses to optimise their finances and tax savings. Using automated mileage tracking and tracking reminders, you can ensure you always remember to log your business-related trips. Stride evaluates all your trips for possible tax deductions and shows them in your mileage log. You can easily create a tax report and email it to yourself or your accountant or upload it to your tax software. It also comes with offline mileage tracking, so you never have to miss tracking a trip.


  • Automatic tracking
  • Offline tracking
  • Write-off and deduction detection


  • Limited manual trip editing
  • No trip classification


Stride is completely free.

Hassle Free Expense Tracking

Comparison Table for Mileage Tracking

Each mileage tracker app has different free trials that allow you to sample its core features. Get an overview comparison with this table:

Mileage Tracker AppFree TrialStandout Features
FreshBooksFree 30 Days TrialFreshBooks offers the best Small  Business Mileage Tracker App with Automatic Mileage Tracking,  Accounting Integration and Receipt & Expense Tracking.
Driversnote30 Days TrialAutomatic Mileage Tracking, Trip Categorization, Expense Tracking
MileIQ14 Days TrialAutomatic Mileage Tracking, Integration with FreshBooks
Everlance7 Days TrialSimple Interface, Automatic Mileage Tracking
TripLog15 Days TrialMultiple Ways To Track Mileage, Photo Capture for Expenses
QuickBooks Online30 Days TrialAutomatic Mileage Tracking, Invoicing, Expense Tracking, Accounting, Payroll Integrations
Hurdlr7 Days TrialApps and Bank Integration
Zoho Expense14 Days TrialCustomizable Reports, Integration with Zoho Apps
Timeero14 Days TrialAccurate Mileage Tracking, Team Management, Reporting
StrideFreeFree Mileage Tracker
Track Expenses Without Lifting A Finger

How to Choose the Best Mileage Tracker App

Choosing the right mileage-tracker app for your business depends on its unique needs. Consider these factors to get the most features for your money.

Additional Features

Each of these mileage tracker apps can keep track of your team’s trips, but the extra features often set each app apart. Take into account other software you use as well as your existing workflow to get a sense of other built-in features that can add value to the overall package. For example, FreshBooks features include tax deduction detection and automatic ride tracking. Other examples of additional features include:

  • Integrations with CRM, accounting, and workforce management apps
  • Automatic expense tracking 
  • Generate expense reports
  • Route and policy optimisation suggestions
  • Customisation options
  • Offline tracking
  • Unlimited receipt uploads


Just as the most expensive mileage-tracker app doesn’t mean it comes with the best capabilities, a free app doesn’t necessarily serve you if it’s missing the needed features. The right price should be balanced with the right features. Some features may be nice but don’t justify the extra price tag. If an app is free but isn’t as user-friendly or is missing important streamlining features, you may be better off investing a little more. Check out FreshBooks pricing, designed to match your business and scale as needed.

Ratings and Reviews

Finding the right mileage-tracking app should involve looking at ratings and reviews from other users. Look into reviews from similar businesses to learn about what they liked, what problems each app helped them solve, and which features they thought were missing or needed improvement. Make sure to check out the following tech review sites:

There’s a lot to know about mileage-tracking apps. Check out these top FAQs about how mileage-tracking apps work.

How do you get mileage tracking reports?

To get mileage-tracking reports from FreshBooks, you can either send the report directly from the mobile app to your email address or download it from the reports section of the FreshBooks desktop. When you generate a report, you can select the year to date to create a mileage expense report.

How much does this feature cost?

You don’t have to pay anything extra for the FreshBooks mileage tracker app. This feature is built-in with all FreshBooks packages, including the 30-day free trial period. 

How do mileage tracker apps work?

When you use the FreshBooks mileage tracker app, you can automatically keep track of every time you drive for business-related purposes. This mileage is logged so you can create expense reports, invoices, and claim tax deductions.

Can Google Maps track my mileage?

Google Maps doesn’t track your mileage the way a tracker does, but some apps have integrations with Google Maps. With FreshBooks, you can automatically track your mileage with every ride.

How do I track my HMRC mileage?

You can track your HMRC mileage manually, such as with a spreadsheet, or use a mileage tracker app. FreshBooks can keep track of mileage and find tax deduction opportunities.

Can you track mileage on your phone?

Yes, most mileage trackers have mobile mileage-tracking apps so you can track from your phone. FreshBooks’ mobile app makes it easy to track and categorise your rides.

What is the best way to track mileage?

The best way to track mileage is with a mileage-tracking app featuring automatic tracking, customisations, and reports. The FreshBooks mileage-tracking app has all this and more.

Automate Mileage Tracking and Save Time with FreshBooks

The right mileage-tracking app doesn’t just allow you to accurately see when and how far your team is driving for business purposes—it also helps you keep track of your expenses and identify potential tax deductions. During tax time for your small business, accurate mileage reports can help things go smoothly and maximise your tax savings.
Ready to track your mileage with accuracy and organise your business finances? Try FreshBooks free to get started.

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