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10 Best Mileage Tracking Apps for 2024 (Free & Paid)

Best Mileage Tracking App

Mileage tracking apps offer valuable benefits to both individuals and businesses. For individuals, they simplify the process of logging miles for tax deductions or reimbursements. For businesses, they can help you budget and create better financial reports by keeping an accurate record of business travel expenses.

Yet, before you can get started, you need to pick an app. Here are 10 of the best ones of 2024.

Table of Contents

Individuals, business owners, and independent contractors all have different needs. As such, the best mileage trackers vary depending on your circumstances. This list of mileage tracker apps should help you make a decision.

Automate Your Expenses Liberate Your Time

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks offers the best mileage tracking feature in the mobile app for small businesses. This tool is great for people who drive for work because it automatically records your mileage as you drive. You can easily label each trip as business or personal to ensure any mileage that is eligible for business expenses is recorded accurately. The mileage tracker app even shows you how much you could get in mileage tax deductions based on your business trips. 


  • Available on FreshBooks iOS and FreshBooks Android apps
  • Automatically tracks mileage
  • Allows manual adjustment of trip logs
  • Check mileage allowance rates for your country
  • Shows potential tax deductions
  • Provides downloadable reports for tax filing

Additional Features From FreshBooks

  • Receipt & Expense Tracking: FreshBooks allows you to easily track and analyze your expenses and organize your receipts. You can snap photos of your receipts and link them to expense reports right from your phone.
  • Accounting Software: FreshBooks provides an easy-to-use cloud-based accounting software tool. It provides real-time updates, allows you to collaborate with your accountant, and displays a dashboard with clear insights into your financial health.
  • Invoicing Software: Invoicing software by FreshBooks allows you to create professional invoices in minutes. It also allows you to set up online payments, request deposits upfront, and automate payment reminders. 


  • Free mileage tracker app with all FreshBooks packages, even during trial periods
  • FreshBooks pricing plans start at $19 per month

2. Everlance

Everlance is one of the most popular mileage tracker apps among rideshare drivers. The app uses GPS satellites to capture your location accurately. GPS tracking ensures that your mileage is meticulously recorded. The app also features IRS audit-ready reports, saving you time and stress when tax time comes. 


  • Automatic GPS tracking
  • VIP customer support available for premium users
  • Free version available for occasional drivers
  • Mileage tracker app for iPhone or Android
  • Unlimited data exports
  • Team reporting features
  • IRS compliant reports


  • No route planning
  • Manual entry sometimes needed
  • Storage issues on some phones
  • Can drain phone battery
  • No clock-in/clock-out feature
  • Limited trips in free version


  • Individual plans range from free to $10 per month
  • Business plans range from free to $33 per month

3. Stride

Stride is a free mileage-tracking app that specifically targets self-employed individuals, like freelancers and small business owners. The app uses GPS to record mileage, imports expenses from your bank, and stores receipt photos. It also suggests tax deductions and integrates with tax filing software.


  • Free to use
  • Allows manual or photo capture of receipts
  • Offline mileage tracking options
  • Can connect to PayPal or Stripe
  • Shows potential deductions
  • Automatic write-offs


  • Cannot edit previously recorded trips
  • Reports are very basic and may require additional manual work to be IRS-ready
  • Lacks features to recreate past trips
  • Cannot classify personal vs. business expenses
  • Does not track vehicle-related expenses like fuel or maintenance


  • Free

4. MileIQ

MileIQ is a cloud-based mileage-tracking app that focuses on automatic tracking. The app is user-friendly and available on both mobile and web platforms. MileIQ is particularly useful for individuals who need to track mileage for business expense reimbursements.


  • Automatic mileage tracking
  • User-friendly mobile app and web dashboard
  • Detailed reporting
  • Work Hours feature
  • Frequent Drives feature for route memory


  • Consumes significant phone battery
  • No phone support
  • Does not provide bank account or credit card integration
  • Lacks trip planning features
  • No clock-in/clock-out feature


  • Free for the first 40 drives each month
  • Unlimited plan at $5.99 per month
  • Business plans range from $5 to $10 per user, per month

5. SherpaShare

SherpaShare is a tracking app designed for rideshare drivers and delivery workers. The platform offers a range of features including mileage tracking, financial management, and driver-to-driver communications. It is available on both mobile and web platforms.


  • Includes unlimited mileage tracking
  • Financial management tools for analyzing expenses and earnings
  • Revenue and profit charting
  • 24/7 U.S.-based in-app support


  • No free option available 
  • Unlimited mileage tracking is only available for paid users
  • Does not track vehicle-related expenses like fuel or maintenance


  • Monthly plan at $5.99 per month
  • Annual plan at $4.99 per month, billed annually
  • Super Premium plan at $10 per month, billed annually

6. Hurdlr

Hurdlr is an all-in-one financial management app designed for on-demand workers. It offers both automatic mileage tracking and expense management features. The app is user-friendly and primarily focuses on helping users manage their finances.


  • Automatic tracking in paid plans
  • Free version available
  • Manual and semi-automatic tracking in the free plan
  • Provides tax calculations based on IRS standard mileage rates
  • Well-designed user interface
  • Expense tracking features included


  • No option to choose between actual expense and standard rates for mileage deductions
  • Trips are automatically classified as business in semi-automatic tracking
  • Lacks telephone support
  • No multi-currency support


  • Free plan with unlimited manual mileage tracking
  • Paid plans start at $10 per month

7. TripLog

TripLog is a cloud-based mileage-tracking app that offers both free and paid plans. The app provides various tracking methods, including manual, Bluetooth-enabled, and automatic tracking. It allows up to 40 free trips per month and integrates with third-party software.


  • Multiple automatic tracking methods
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Free version allows up to 40 trips per month
  • iPhone and Android mileage tracker app
  • IRS-compliant reports
  • Time and scheduling add-ons available


  • No phone or live chat support
  • Manual entry is required in the free plan
  • High upfront costs for device add-ons


  • Individual plans start at $5.99 per user per month
  • Business plans start at $10 per user per month

8. QuickBooks Self-Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed is an accounting software designed for freelancers and small businesses. One of the many features of this software is a mileage-tracking app. QuickBooks Self-Employed also includes expense reports, receipt capture, and invoicing features.


  • Automatic and manual mileage tracking
  • Ability to categorize personal and business trips
  • Options to add a business purpose and to tag a vehicle
  • Ability to edit or delete recorded trips
  • Integration with TurboTax


  • Requires user to enable location services
  • Only available as part of the QuickBooks accounting software suite


  • Individual plans start at $15 per month

9. Zoho Expense

Like QuickBooks and FreshBooks, Zoho Expense is an accounting suite with an app for tracking mileage. The app is designed to streamline travel and expense management for businesses.


  • Automated mileage tracking
  • Multiple methods for tracking mileage
  • Expense approval on the go
  • Customizable reports
  • Integration with other Zoho apps
  • Mobile app available for both iOS and Android


  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Limited features in the standard plan


  • Free plan available for up to 3 users
  • Paid plans start at $5 per active user, per month

10. Rydoo

Rydoo is an expense management software that also offers a mileage tracking feature. This tool allows users to upload photos of receipts and have the software automatically categorize them as they use a mileage tracker for their work.


  • Automatic mileage tracking
  • Multi-currency support
  • Receipt scanning and categorization
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Integration with accounting tools


  • Mobile app can be slow
  • Some users find it difficult to navigate
  • Occasional freezing issues on mobile
  • Limited customization options


  • Individual plans start at $7 per month

Comparison Table for Mileage Tracker App

If you want a quick overview of the best mileage tracker apps of 2024 for your reference, we put together this table for that exact purpose. 

Mileage Tracker AppFree TrialStandout Features
FreshBooksFree 30 Days TrialFreshBooks offers the best Small Business Mileage Tracker App with Automatic Mileage Tracking, Accounting Integration, and Receipt and Expense Tracking.
Everlance7 Days TrialSimple Interface, Automatic Mileage Tracking
StrideFreeFree Mileage Tracker
MileIQ14 Days TrialAutomatic Mileage Tracking, Integration with FreshBooks
SherpaShare14 Days TrialUnlimited and Automatic Mileage Tracking
Hurdlr7 Days TrialApps and Bank Integration, Tax calculations based on IRS standard mileage rates
TripLog15 Days TrialMultiple Ways To Track Mileage, Photo Capture for Expenses
QuickBooks Self-Employed30 Days TrialAutomatic Mileage Tracking, Integration with TurboTax
Zoho Expense14 Days TrialCustomizable Reports, Integration with Zoho Apps
Rydoo14 Days TrialAutomatic Mileage Tracking, Multi-Currency Support
The Cure For Tax Time Headaches

How To Choose The Best Mileage Tracker App

Comparing the pros and cons of various mileage tracker apps will help you find the right one for your business. However, if you really want to narrow down the best mileage tracker apps, here are a few other factors to consider.

Additional Features

Even if you think mileage reports are all that you need, seeking a free app that comes with other accounting tools is in your best interest. Most accounting suites come with a cost, but gaining access to a wide range of premium features provides a better ROI than purchasing standalone mileage tracking apps.

FreshBooks is a good example of an accounting suite that offers such a deal. You can easily track mileage and expense data while you also track income all using FreshBooks features


It’s easy to automatically favor free mileage tracker apps. However, free apps often come with limited features. Instead of reverting to what’s free or cheapest, consider what is most cost-effective based on what the app does and what you need it for.

Mileage trackers can come for free with other tools. FreshBooks offers our mileage tracker app for free with any one of our plans, including during the free trial period. Take a look at FreshBooks pricing to see what works for you.

Ratings and Reviews

A company’s website is a great place to learn how mileage tracking apps work. The only problem is that official websites will only show you the good. To get a true picture of the app, you need both the pros and the cons. That’s why it’s important to look for user reviews before you make a decision.

We could tell you all the great things about FreshBooks ourselves, but we want you to make an informed decision. Take a look at reviews of FreshBooks from the following sources.

Have more questions about how mileage tracker apps work? Perhaps, our FAQs can help.

Does FreshBooks track mileage automatically? 

Once you activate mileage tracking in the FreshBooks app, automatic tracking begins. You can categorize each trip manually as business expenses or for personal purposes as it best suits you. The app logs distance using your phone’s GPS and then you can review it for accuracy. 

How do I get mileage tracking reports in FreshBooks? 

You have 2 options for getting the report. You can either use the mobile app to email it to yourself or download it from the FreshBooks desktop’s Reports section.

In the app, you can create a mileage report as a CSV file. Tap “More…” at the bottom right, choose Mileage Tracking, and then tap the paper plane icon. Next, pick the year to date and email the file to your FreshBooks-linked email.

How much does this feature cost? 

Mileage trackers are free with any premium version of FreshBooks. You can also use mileage tracking during your free trial period. With FreshBooks mileage tracking you can easily categorize trips as business or personal with a swipe, ensuring you never miss any work-related deductions.

How does the mileage tracker app work? 

The FreshBooks mileage tracker app logs the distance you travel for tax deductions or business expense reimbursements. To activate it, click “Try the New Mileage Tracking” on your Dashboard or select “Mileage Tracking” under the “More…” button. After setting it up, your trips show up in the Unreviewed Trips tab, where you can label them as Personal or Business.

What is the easiest way to record mileage? 

The easiest way to record mileage is by using mileage trackers on your phone. Such an app will automatically log your distance traveled, so you can have an accurate record of your distance without manually recording anything. If you already use the FreshBooks app, it’s as simple as activating mileage tracking. 

Can I track my mileage on my phone? 

Using your phone to track mileage is one of the simplest and most effective ways to generate accurate mileage reports. It’s easy to carry your phone with you wherever you travel, even if you drive multiple vehicles. FreshBooks mileage and expense tracking is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Is it better to claim mileage or gas on taxes? 

The better option between claiming mileage or gas on taxes depends on your circumstances. Consider how much you drive and the value of your vehicle to help you make a decision. If you drive a lot, then mileage often provides a larger deduction. On the other hand, if you have a more expensive vehicle, tracking gas might offer a higher deduction.

While you can’t claim both, FreshBooks can track either. Therefore, our software will help no matter your decision. 

What does the IRS require for a mileage log? 

To meet IRS requirements for a mileage log, you need to keep detailed records that include the following information:

  • Date of the trip
  • Starting and ending mileage
  • Total miles driven
  • Purpose of the trip
  • Locations you drove to and from

You can maintain this log in a physical notebook, a digital spreadsheet, or specialized mileage tracking software like FreshBooks. The IRS doesn’t dictate how you keep your records, only what you need to track. 

What proof do you need to claim mileage on taxes? 

To claim mileage on your taxes, you need a detailed mileage log. This log should capture key information, such as trip dates and odometer readings. Keeping fuel, tolls, and maintenance receipts can also be important if you intend to claim actual expenses.

Additionally, receipt scanner apps can be a game changer for this. Check out our post on the best receipt scanning apps , which lets you track all your expenses and automatically categorize them, saving you time and effort. With FreshBooks, you get unlimited receipt uploads and mileage tracking, allowing you to capture all your expenses and odometer readings in one place.

Mileage Tracking Made Easy with FreshBooks

There’s a good chance that you need to track more than mileage. You need to track expenses, tax deductions, and perhaps even custom reimbursement rates. If you need an all-encompassing expense-tracking app, you need FreshBooks.

Our tool gets you ready for tax time by providing a clear tax calculations summary and with automated expense reporting, you can feel confident that all your expense reports are accurate. It’s no wonder businesses save up to $7000 in billable hours thanks to the convenience of FreshBooks.

Try FreshBooks free to see how you like it, and try our mileage tracking app with your free trial.

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