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4 Best Receipt Scanning Apps for Small Businesses

Forget about saving and filing receipts. These apps make it easy to scan receipts for your small business on the go using your smartphone and automatically add the data to your accounting program. There’s no need to manually enter data or juggle receipts in bulky envelopes.

We’ve listed the three best receipt scanning apps that are easy to use, will save you time and make tax season a snap.

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In this article, we’ll cover:

1. FreshBooks App

Scan receipts on the go with this free mobile app. You’ll need to open a FreshBooks account to use it but you can get a free 30-day trial. FreshBooks is powerful cloud accounting software built for small business owners, not accountants, so it’s extremely simple to use, as is the app.

This digital receipt app lets you snap a photo of your receipt with your phone, add a category (to help you come tax time) and input crucial details like vendor, purpose of the expense, taxes and the grand total. You can also mark the expense as billable.

This data will then be added to your expenses and synced with all your other devices including other mobile devices and your desktop.

The app also has plenty of other features, like the ability to create and send invoices on the go, get updates on when clients view or pay invoices and manage expenses.

2. Expensify

Expensify is an expense reporting app that integrates seamlessly with your FreshBooks cloud accounting software. Get more control over your expenses reporting and approval process with Expensify.

This mobile app lets you easily import expenses from your business credit card and create expense reports on the go. Expensify also lets employees create expense reports within the app that owners can approve and pay within the app as well.

It also acts as receipt scanner software with SmartScan capability. Snap a photo of the receipt with your smartphone and the app will capture all the important details and add them to your list of expenses. You can also email digital receipts to an Expensify account to add the expense or use a Chrome extension to do the same thing.

Expensify is a budget-friendly option for small businesses as it’s only $5 per month for each user. It works well for small businesses that have a lot of expenses and want to avoid manual entry or for small businesses that need an easy way to reimburse employees.

3. Abukai

Abukai is another great time-saving receipt app for business. With Abukai, you don’t need to manually input data from your receipts, categorize your expenses or worry about exchange rates—the app does it all for you.

Abukai supports iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. Take a photo of the receipt and press “submit.” Abukai takes care of the rest by adding an expense entry with the category, date, vendor and any other relevant information from the receipt plus an image of the receipt.

The app is also known for accurately reading all types of receipts, including foreign receipts, and doing up-to-date currency conversion for you. It’s also simple to use, user friendly and intuitive and won’t create more work for you in the end. It’s great for beginners.

Abukai also integrates seamlessly with your FreshBooks cloud accounting software and will post these expense entries to FreshBooks for you.

The app has a free version as well as a free trial of its corporate plan which is $99 per year per user. There’s also a $49 one-time setup fee.

4. MMC Receipt

MMC Receipt is a receipt capturing app which captures, processes and categories all your receipts instantly using OCR and machine learning so you can stop spending time on manual data entry.

Customers can add unlimited receipts, unlimited users and have unlimited storage of data in a simple monthly plan with no hidden charges.

We swear by the quick turnaround time of 5 minutes and the accuracy with which we process your receipts including multi currency data.

You can also take advantage of recording each and every line item in the transaction so you always have accurate data.

MMC Receipt integrates with FreshBooks allowing you to record expenses real time through receipt capturing and categorizing them instantly using OCR and Machine Learning.


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