Key Features

Expense Tracking

Nobody loves tracking expenses. We get that. But we guarantee you'll find it painless with FreshBooks. You can connect your bank account or credit card to import expenses automatically, snap a pic of a receipt, or log it on the spot. Tax-friendly expense categories and easy to generate reports make filing less of a hassle. Plus you will get to know the real spend of your business. Nice and painless, see?

Automatic expense import

Connect your FreshBooks account to nearly 10,000 supported banks and credit cards in the United States and Canada. Automatically import your expenses daily, putting that task of entering receipts on auto-pilot.

File import

Use QBO or OFX files generated from your bank to import expenses into FreshBooks easily.

Attach receipts (PDF or Image)

Literally. Snap a pic of a bill (say, post lunch meeting), and then save to expenses in your FreshBooks account. Then, attach it (and all your other captured expenses) to the invoice(s) when it's billing time.

Expense Report Filters

Want to know how much you've spent on oh, say, office supplies this year? And where did you buy most of the stuff you need? It's easy to filter your expenses by category and vendor to get the answers you seek.

Recurring Expenses

Do you have a number of expenses that recur each month, or each year? Set them up to be automatically entered, and save yourself some hassle. We know! Awesome.

Assign & Rebill Expenses

And all with a click (or two). With FreshBooks, it's that simple.