Key Features

Time Tracking & Projects

Time, as they say, is money, and FreshBooks will help you keep track of yours. You can track your (and so can your team members) on the road, at your desk and in the cloud (with integrations like Toggl, for example). Go!


Log time (you, and your team members if need be) via our super straightforward interface and timer, and never lose a bill- able minute. Then, when it's time to send the bill, pull that tracked time directly into the invoice. So easy. So good.

Track Unbilled Time

Say you've spent some time on a project, and have yet to bill for it, but you want to see how much your estimated bill will be (when the time comes) - in your reports, you can see just how much that is. (Sometimes stuff like that can be ever-so- motivating, don't you think?)

Team timesheets

Working on a project with multiple collaborators? Awesome! Everyone can track their time, with team timesheets - so you'll always know how much time is being spent, and how.

Different Rates for each Project

Which rate or rates do you need? You can set your hourly rate, you can parse out a rate per task on a project, you can set a staff rate if you have team members or you can set a flat rate for the whole project nine yards. That's four different kinds of awesome.

Project Managers

Who's going to manage a particular project you have on the go? Decide, designate and salute (well, maybe not salute, but you know what we're getting at).

Generate Invoices

Got some time to invoice? Get a few (or all) done at once - you can invoice for all of your projects with a click, or choose just the ones that are ready to go. And then get back to work (ah, it's so nice to be busy).