Key Features

Online Invoicing

Create professional looking invoices on the go or in your office, easily pull time on projects from time sheet to invoice and (you're going to love this) get paid faster. Think of it as invoicing-in-the-cloud magic.

Customize your invoice

Add your logo, and customize your invoices - and then get used to the compliments you're bound to get.

Online Payments

With FreshBooks, you can get paid via PayPal or one of thirteen other payment gateways, which means you get paid faster, and you can get that nice happy feeling of money in the bank while you're on the way to your next meeting.

Recurring Invoices & Auto Payment

Say you have a client who pays the same amount every month - all you need to do is set up that invoice once, plus how often that invoice recurs, and ta da! It'll go out automatically. And you can set up automatic payment, too. See? Happiness.

Late Payment Reminders

Sometimes invoices "get lost in the mail" (ahem). And sometimes they're just not paid very quickly. Either way, in the most courteous fashion, FreshBooks automatically sends late payment reminder emails - which improves your cash flow, and saves you time.

Send Emails or Snail Mail

Maybe your clients prefer that you email your invoices or, maybe they like getting their bills the old fashioned way via posted mail. With FreshBooks, you can do either. With one click, you can email, or with another we'll mail out your client's invoice for you.

Track Invoice Views

Send your invoice with FreshBooks, and you'll see when your client has viewed it. Because some things you just don't want to wonder about. (Unlike, say, what to have for lunch.)

Multi Currency & Multi Language

Maybe you need to bill in Euro, or Swiss Francs, or - we could go on. No matter the currency, with FreshBooks, you can bill it. And you can use the language of the country in your invoice, too. You're welcome! Or, vær så god!

Sales Taxes

Need to add sales taxes to your invoices? No problem. FreshBooks supports multiple sales taxes so just set 'em up and FreshBooks will do the calculation to make reporting and remittances easy peasy.

Track Offline Payments

If you received payment "offline" - the old fashioned way (the check came in the mail) or via bank transfer, you can mark the respective invoice as such. It's nice to keep track of such things.


Easily and quickly create professional-looking estimates. Then, convert the approved estimate to an invoice with two clicks (and a "hooray!").

Late Payment Fees

When clients just won't pay you on time, set up late payment fees. Based on the terms you set, your invoices will be automatically updated. You can also toggle the late payment fees off for specific clients, as you wish.

Client Portal

FreshBooks is for small businesses, and for those who pay them, too. When your clients click on the link with the invoice(s) you send, they can quickly see what they owe you, and their payment history with your business. Which is good business indeed.

Client Credit

If you need to apply credit to one of your client accounts, go ahead - we've made that easy to do as well. Naturally, we've also made it easy for you to track where, when and to whom you've applied credit, too.