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The Best Free General Ledger Template

The ability to see the bigger picture comes in handy in most areas of life. But when it comes to your business, it’s absolutely necessary to look at things with a holistic view. This is where General Ledgers can help.A general ledger serves as a master sheet for your books. It lists all of your transactions from the start of your business to the present.

FreshBooks has created a general ledger template to guide you in creating the perfect statement. With this customizable template, the bigger picture is within reach.

Download your free account ledger template to create your own master sheet in no time.

Free General Ledger Template

Get Your Free General Ledger Template

Not sure how to create a general ledger? Simple. Get started by downloading the free general ledger template from FreshBooks as your guide.

This customizable template shows you exactly what you need to include on your ledger sheet. Available for download in Google Docs, Google Sheets, .XLS, .DOC and PDF, it makes it easy for you to tweak according to your needs.

If you prefer to work on paper, you’re in luck. FreshBooks has a printable accounting ledger for people who still like to do their accounting the old-fashioned way.

How Are Ledgers Used In Accounting?

Bookkeeping ledgers are compilations of financial accounts for a business. They are a crucial component of any healthy business, as they assist in keeping a company running smoothly and making sure that all of the financial accounting details are correct.

There are several types of ledger book formats, with the main bookkeeping ledger being a general ledger (also referred to as a master sheet). This is used to generate financial statements for a business, such as a balance sheet or an income statement.

What is an Asset Ledger?

Asset ledgers are detailed sections regarding the company’s financial records specifically relating to the asset portion of the balance sheet, without tracking any of the expenses. This can save time when creating a general ledger, as all of the assets have already been accounted for.

Finding The Right Bookkeeping Ledgers Format For Your Business

Figuring out the right bookkeeping ledgers format can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

FreshBooks provides several types of template ledger book formats that can streamline your accounting for you and guide you through the process.

Our well designed ledger account sheets are clearly organized, allowing you to fill in your required financial details easily and accurately.

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Free General Ledger Template

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What is a General Ledger?

A general ledger is the master sheet of all of your business accounting. It shows all of the transactions that have been made in your business’s account since the moment it began.

These transactions are organized to help you understand the total of the money you’ve earned and the expenses you’ve paid.

The balance of a general ledger reflects the difference of credits from debits. You subtract the total number of debits from the total number of credits to get this figure. Having this information helps you make more informed business decisions.

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Why Do I Need a General Ledger Template?

A general ledger is an important document in your business files. It records and organizes all payment activity between your business accounts. You need a general ledger to show you the big picture of your business’s finances and growth.

General ledgers are used to help business owners decide which moves to make next in their businesses. When you know how much you’ve made, what your expenses are and how much profit you’ve made, you’re in a better position to invest back into your business.

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How to Fill Out a General Ledger Template

Create your general ledger sheet in seconds with the downloadable template from FreshBooks.

Download Template

Download your free general ledger template from FreshBooks.

Gather Records

Pull all business records that contain the information you need to create your general ledger.

Sort Data

Organize the data that you need to log in your general ledger sheet.

Input Data

Log all of your data in the appropriate fields listed on your general ledger template.

Review for Errors

Make sure you haven’t made any typos or calculation errors. This could throw off your report.

Analyze Your Findings

Use your findings on your general ledger to help you make better business decisions.

More Free Accounting Resources

General ledgers may be the master of all accounting reports, but there are several reports that will help you generate your general ledger.

FreshBooks has created a collection of free accounting report templates to help you take control of your accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a bank reconciliation template?

The purpose of a bank reconciliation template is to create thorough, accurate and detailed bank reconciliation sheets. This type of report is used to draw the connection between the money being sent and received in every transaction.

What information does a bank reconciliation statement include?

Bank reconciliation statements layout when money has left one bank account and entered another during transactions during a given period. By accounting for this, you can avoid costly bookkeeping mistakes.

What is the best file type to download a reconciliation template in?

While you’re free to download the simple bank reconciliation template in whichever format you choose, FreshBooks recommends using either Excel or Google Sheets. These spreadsheets are great when you’re logging numerical data. They also help you keep everything organized.

Why do I need the FreshBooks accounting when I have access to free accounting templates?

While free accounting report templates help you save money on your accounting, they can take time to fill out and can be confusing if you are not an accountant. Why not automate your bookkeeping? FreshBooks cloud accounting software is efficient, streamlined and based completely online. The accounting software from FreshBooks helps to automate many of your accounting procedures.

Does FreshBooks accounting software include automated bank reconciliation generation?

FreshBooks offers a variety of automated accounting services, including bank reconciliation generation. Using cloud accounting software helps you to save time and resources while you manage your books.

Why Create General Ledgers with FreshBooks?

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