Make Filing Taxes Simple This Year With BenchTax

Want to hand off the heavy lifting this tax season? Our bookkeeping partners at Bench have a solution: BenchTax. It’ll take care of your taxes, from start to finish.


Tax season is the most dreaded time of the year for many small business owners. In addition to managing a full load of work that you actually love to do, you’ve got to find time to untangle, organize and manage financial documents—and figure out how and what to do with them.

Do you ever wish a fairy godmother would swoop in and take care of tax time?

Our partners at Bench are here to help with BenchTax. It’s a tool that handles tax filing for you, from start to finish.

What Is BenchTax?

Available to existing Bench bookkeeping clients, BenchTax is a new way to file taxes that’s streamlined, affordable and fast. A tax expert will take your Bench books, any additional financial documents, make sense of them, prepare them and file them using TaxFyle, an on-demand tax filing service.

BenchTax is only available to U.S. Bench clients already working with a Bench Bookkeeper.

How Does It Work?

There are 3 steps to getting your taxes sorted out and filed, easily and painlessly:

  1. Bench collects a few tax documents from you to set up a BenchTax account.
  2. Once your books are complete come tax time, your Bench bookkeeper will connect you with a TaxFyle expert who will work on your return.
  3. When the return is complete, Bench will reach out to you to get an “all clear” and then file taxes on your behalf through TaxFyle. Funds can also be pulled directly from your account to pay for any applicable taxes, so you don’t even have to worry about paying Uncle Sam.

Just like FreshBooks makes life easy for your day-to-day accounting, BenchTax provides a simple and efficient way to take the weight of tax time off your shoulders.

Wait, What If My Books Aren’t up to Date?

Don’t panic if you’ve been neglecting your books! Bench also offers catch up bookkeeping services. They’ll pair you with an expert bookkeeper to get everything current and organized so you can file fast.

As part of the process, Bench will send a financial package for each year of catch up. It’ll include every document you need to get organized and ready to file.

If you’re worried that you left it to the last minute, that’s not necessarily a deal-breaker! You can always file an extension to avoid penalties, while Bench quickly completes months of overdue bookkeeping for your business. They can even help you out if you have missing documents or messy records. Their bookkeeping wizards are not intimidated by months (or years!) of tough bookkeeping.

How Does BenchTax Work With FreshBooks?

You can still do everything you love in FreshBooks (like invoicing, collecting payments, tracking time and expenses, etc.) but you have the option to add a virtual bookkeeper from Bench to your team. They can keep your books in order all year round and you have the option to add BenchTax to your toolbox to help you with tax filing.

Bring BenchTax on Board

If you have questions on whether BenchTax and online bookkeeping services are right for your business, reach out to our team at or call 1-866-303-6061.

One of our friendly FreshBooks account managers will connect you to a Bench onboarding specialist. They’ll work together to determine how BenchTax services can help you make tax time a breeze for your small business.

Forget about the fairy godmother, you’ve got a tool that’ll take care of it all, no bippity-boppity-boo required!

Heather Hudson

Written by Heather Hudson, Freelance Contributor

Posted on February 14, 2020