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3 Best Residential Construction Estimating Software

3 Best Residential Construction Estimating Software

When giving your clients estimates for construction projects, it’s important that they’re accurate. Accurate estimates are crucial for construction businesses. If you’re part of the construction industry, learn more about the best estimating software options available.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What is Construction Estimating Software?

The 3 Best Estimating Softwares For Any Construction Business

Key Takeaways

What is Construction Estimating Software?

Construction estimating software are programs that aid estimators in their work. Construction estimating software helps with the following:

  • Creating an accurate estimate
  • Predicting labor costs
  • Provides collaboration tools for construction businesses
  • Provides project management tools
  • Allows for time tracking

A great construction estimating process is an all-in-one solution for construction professionals. Residential contractors and larger firms can make use of these products, as can smaller companies. No matter what size your business is, there’s a software option available for you. We’ve covered three different options that are good for a business of any size below!

The 3 Best Estimating Softwares For Any Construction Business

If you’re looking for an estimation software solution, check out the best options below.


Stack is one of the best construction cost estimators available today. It can provide an accurate estimate and assist with a digital takeoff. For that reason, it’s the preferred software of many construction businesses. Some of the key features of STACK are listed below:

  • Comprehensive cost database
  • Pre-built materials database
  • Pre-built assemblies libraries
  • Bid management for the entire bidding process
  • Advanced takeoff features

STACK is more than just a cost estimation software. It is also a takeoff software and bidding software in one complete package. If you need software that can tackle the entire bid process and estimation process, you can’t go wrong with STACK. It eliminates the need to purchase a separate bidding software. If you’re looking for a cost estimation software with stellar user reviews, look no further than STACK.

2. ProEst

If you’re looking for a long-running contender, ProEst is your best bet. They’ve been around since 1976. There’s hardly a construction company that they haven’t worked with. To date, they’ve worked with over 8,000 to craft their cost estimation software. They’ve worked with many different-sized construction companies, giving them a lot to go on during software development. Many regard ProEst to be the best software solution for companies no matter what their size.

Here are some of the key features of ProEst:

  • Designed for use by contractors and subcontractors
  • A fully cloud-based software
  • Includes customer relationship management tools
  • Cost estimating features
  • Digital takeoff capabilities
  • Report and proposal templates
  • Unlimited users

It is important to note that ProEst is one of the only software options that grants access to unlimited users. They provide excellent customer service. This has led them to have one of the highest customer approval rates for construction estimation software.

3. Clear Estimates

If you’re a small contractor that needs an accurate estimate for every job, Clear Estimates is the best option. Clear Estimates has one of the cleanest user interfaces available. It’s also a cloud-based estimation software, meaning it can be used anywhere.

Some of the key features of Clear Estimates are as follows:

  • Cloud-based construction estimation software
  • Best for small contractors, like home improvement contractors or minimal construction contractors
  • Integrates with Buildertrend, a project management software
  • Integrates with Quickbooks software
  • Allows for unlimited customers in their customer database

There are three tiers of membership for Clear Estimates. Each one is tailored for different-sized construction companies. However, they all revolve around small contractors, specifically. All levels of access allow for unlimited estimates. They also provide unlimited support to their customers. What’s great about Clear Estimates is that they never require users to sign a contract. Service can be started and stopped whenever the user needs it.

Something unique about Clear Estimates is their updates. The application updates its cost databases frequently. This means that users are always ahead of the curve, and that their accuracy is always higher.

Key Takeaways

Construction estimation software is a necessary part of the construction industry. It doesn’t matter what a company’s specialty is, accurate estimates are a must. If you’re looking for high-quality software, you’ll need to make sure it suits all of your needs. Many options on the market are cloud-based, allowing you to work from anywhere. Some allow for unlimited users, while many allow for unlimited projects. Make sure you understand the features of the product that you choose, and how it suits your business.

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