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An Accounting Partner Program That Makes Client Collaboration Easy

As a FreshBooks Partner, you get exclusive program benefits, including access to education, technology, and workflows to grow your advisory practice, with support from FreshBooks every step of the way.

Why Become a FreshBooks-Certified Partner?

All-In-One Accounting For You and Your Clients

95% of small businesses find FreshBooks easier to use than other platforms*. With a friction-free way to organize pre-accounting tasks in a central location, you can provide an elevated customer experience all year, whether you support clients 365 days or just at tax time.

Grow Your Advisory-Based Services

FreshBooks makes it easy for clients to complete their part of the workflow. That means you can focus on a more substantial advisory role and develop deeper client relationships with Collaborative Accounting™.

Get the Support You Need, When You Need It

A team of dedicated, accountant-centric, real humans are here to help. They’re FreshBooks experts and understand the needs of accounting professionals.

Who is This Partner Program Designed for?

Accounting Professionals

FreshBooks Partners include accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, and tax professionals. And if you’re a client-focused, growth-minded accounting professional looking to improve your practice – you’re going to love this.

And Your Clients

FreshBooks is perfect for service-based or project-based businesses – like professional services, trades and contractors, and IT/software technologies. It’s designed for freelancers through to businesses with employees and is easy-to-use right out of the gate.

What Makes the Accounting Partner Program So Great?

Exclusive Benefits Just for FreshBooks’ Accounting Partners

Dedicated, accountant-centric support from real humans

Data migration support when moving to FreshBooks

Access to a free FreshBooks account

Exclusive discounts for Certified Partner

Inclusion in the FreshBooks Directory for Certified Partner

Differentiate Your Business With the Collaborative Accounting™ Certification

Uplevel your skills while learning to combine technology and workflows on FreshBooks to create a Collaborative Accounting system that adds more value to your clients and showcases your firm’s expertise. Certification is free and gives you access to exclusive benefits just for FreshBooks Partners!

Learn about Collaborative Accounting™

In under 4 hours, you’ll:

  • Earn a badge to signal your expertise as a FreshBooks-certified Collaborative Accountant™
  • Become a FreshBooks product expert with hands-on practice
  • Certified FreshBooks Accounting Partners get special benefits, including a dedicated FreshBooks consultant, inclusion in the FreshBooks Partner Directory, and exclusive discount on all new plans

Simplify Client Management With the Accountant Hub

Easily add clients, manage their books, and toggle between client accounts from one central location with the free FreshBooks Accountant Hub.

The FreshBooks Accountant Hub gives you:

  • A client setup that takes seconds
  • One-click access to all your client’s information and books
  • A centralized location to manage your clients

Why Accounting Professionals Love FreshBooks

“Having specific resources for our firm available to us is something that we don’t get from our other software partners.”



“FreshBooks is way easier to understand compared to other GLs—from interacting with it, understanding where to find things, and how to show it to clients.”



“We use FreshBooks for our service-based clients; it allows them to effectively manage their day-to-day, enabling us to focus on their accounting and advisory.”



Join the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program

This is the place to be for modern accounting professionals with service-based clients. Once you sign up, we’ll be in touch to get you started — whether you’re just looking for more information, or you’re ready to get FreshBooks-Certified.

Not Ready to Join Just Yet?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FreshBooks Certification for Accounting Professionals?

As a FreshBooks Accounting Partner, you’ll have access to customized product training. This education was designed to turn you into an expert on the platform in less than 5 hours (it’s self-paced – so you can finish it on your own time!). Once done, you’re perfectly positioned to be a trusted advisor, who can collaborate with your clients using FreshBooks.

Who exactly is the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program for?

The Accounting Partner Program is best suited to modern accountants and progressive bookkeepers who are interested in the collaborative accounting model and are actively building a cloud-based practice.

This collaborative accounting model makes it easier to manage your workflow and work better with both small business clients and those that are growing.

Do I have to pay to join the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program?

Absolutely not! FreshBooks Accounting Partners receive product training and certification, dedicated account managers, and human-centric support, as well as a FreshBooks subscription—all free.

This Program is all about helping you build deeper connections with other accountants and existing clients – allowing you to serve them as their business grows.

What is the FreshBooks Partner Directory and can it help me find more clients?

As a FreshBooks-Certified Accounting Partner, you are added to our Partner Directory where you can be matched up with FreshBooks customers looking for an accounting professional to help with taxes, financial advisory services, day-to-day bookkeeping, or payroll.

Then you can collaborate using FreshBooks accounting software to offer advisory services, and accounting services.

How can I benefit from the online community?

The FreshBooks Accounting Partner Community allows you to enjoy unique challenges, earn rewards, and connect with fellow Accounting Partners and industry peers. It gives you the ability to ask questions about your practice, like: Does FreshBooks work well for a client who is a landscaper? Is there such a thing as free payroll? How do I offer compliance support to new clients? Where do I find industry-specific client referrals?

Does FreshBooks have dedicated support for Accounting Professionals?

Yes. Once you become FreshBooks-Certified, you have direct access to an accountant-centric support team, available only to Certified Accounting Partners. The support team members are accounting experts and are uniquely qualified to answer accounting-related and Accounting Partner Program support questions.

How do I become a FreshBooks Accounting Partner?

First, fill out the form above to apply online. Then, we’ll be in touch directly so you can:

  • Complete your FreshBooks Certification
  • Access all your benefits, including your discounts and referral bonuses
  • Share your goals for the program
  • Connect with your dedicated Partner Consultant
  • Join the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Community
What product features and accounting reports are available in FreshBooks?

The main product features are: Estimates & Proposals, Project Management, Time Tracking, Invoicing, Bank Feed (including Bank Reconciliation), and many reports. This allows you to work on expense management, through to bookkeeping services, and more.

FreshBooks accounting software has more than a dozen financial reports, including: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Accounts Aging, Revenue By Client, Accounts Payable Aging, Cash Flow, and General Ledger reports. Plus, access to a Chart of Accounts.

Does FreshBooks integrate with other platforms and apps?

FreshBooks integrates with over 100 great apps to streamline your business, help you connect with your team and clients, and better control your workflow. This includes Gusto, Tallyfor and sproutAnalytics – plus a ton of others that help you handle everything from scheduling to managing clients.

Can I manage several clients’ accounts in FreshBooks?

Yes! You can be invited to an unlimited number of accounts – where you can manage client data in a safe and secure way. Start using the free Accountant Hub to set up new client accounts so you can manage clients centrally and tailor individual workflows.

Why should I try the Accountant Hub?

Start using the free Accountant Hub to provision client accounts so you can manage clients centrally and tailor individual workflows. Plus, FreshBooks Certified Partners get a 15% discount on new FreshBooks subscriptions.

Can I offer my clients any additional benefits from joining?

Yes! Your clients that are new to FreshBooks will get a 15% discount on a Plus or Premium plan for as long as you work together. Just another reason the answer to: “Why partner with FreshBooks” is “why not?”

Which types of my clients would be a good fit for FreshBooks?

Businesses with or without employees, either just starting up or running things full time. FreshBooks is easy to jump right into and get working, and becomes the foundational tool for their business as they grow. Which makes it perfect for your clients that are:

  • Small, serviced-based or project-based businesses, with or without employees (e.g. creative and digital agencies, trades and contractors, professional & health services, and IT/software technologies)
  • Start-ups, starting to grow, working full time
  • Light on inventory and assets

*Claim based on a customer benefit survey that was run in September, 2020 – where 11,500 FreshBooks customers answered a series of questions that asked them to compare FreshBooks vs their past software solutions.


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