Which Halloween Creature Haunts Your Small Business?

October 30, 2017

What scares you as a small business owner?

Running your own show can be tricky – and at times, scary too! Despite the many upsides of being your own boss, there are aspects of running a business that will unavoidably give you shivers.

Even with strength of mind and a willingness to succeed, you’ll need to make sure you’ve armed your business from the evil that’s out there. Pull away the veil of the night-time and discover what’s lurking behind those shadows!

We want to help reveal the monsters once and for all: Which Halloween creature haunts your small business? Sometimes, having the right tools to combat the bad guys is all you need…

about the author

Content Coordinator, FreshBooks Kelly Radke is the Content Coordinator at FreshBooks. Prior to joining the FreshBooks team, she worked as a teacher for several years, and gained her marketing experience at an advertising agency. With a BAH in English Language & Literature, writing has been a passion of Kelly's for some time.

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