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Quote Templates for Your Small Business: Free Downloads for Word, Excel & Google Docs

A quote is a document that gives a fixed price for a project. The price only applies to a certain time frame. For example, a quote might say: “valid for 60 days.” A small business can prepare a quote to protect themselves from fluctuating prices. Quotes can also be reformatted later to become invoices.

To make it easier to prepare your own quote, download one of the free templates below. There are templates in different formats and for different industries that are customized to your specific needs.

Still wondering what a quote is and when to use it? This article will answer your questions.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Quote Template for Word

Quote Template in Excel

Quote Template for PDF

Quote Template for Google Docs

  • This template is simple and easily customizable
  • A template that’s itemized with fields for quantities and unit prices

Construction Quote Templates

Painting Quote Templates

Photography Quote Templates

Design Quote Templates

People also ask:

Request for Quote Templates

A business will request a quote when they are interested in buying a product or service and want to know a supplier’s pricing. The company sends a document called a “request for quote letter” to one or multiple vendors, who send a quote back in return.

A request for quote letter should be as clear and concise as possible. You can mention when you need the quote sent back. If you want to order a product, mention what quantity you’d want. Interested in services? Specify which ones suit you best.

Send a request for quote letter easily with one of the following templates:

  • This template, available in Excel or Word, allows for detailed requirements
  • Letters.org has formal letter or informal email templates that you can copy and paste
  • Or download templates in Word or PDF formats from Letters.org

Quote Follow up Templates

A small business sends a quote to a potential client. No response. Time to email the client to close the deal.

A follow-up email should be a gentle reminder of the time sensitive nature of the quote while seeking to build a relationship with the client and creating interest in what the quote sets out to do.

Sending a follow-up to a quote is a great proactive strategy to win more clients and close more deals. But, don’t be pushy. Send your follow-up emails at intervals of one week and don’t send more than three.

Here are some sample templates you can use to follow-up a quote:

  • Letters.org has a number of templates you can copy and paste into your email
  • Here are a variety of sales templates that fit scenarios like when you leave a voicemail or to answer a request for more information
  • This template can be used after you meet a client or talk to a client for the first time


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