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4 Best Work Time Tracker Apps

4 Best Work Time Tracker Apps

You want to ensure that your productivity remains high at all times. Keeping track of your time and working hours is a big part of this. This is where time tracking software comes in. It will automatically do all the work for you instead of interrupting your creative process.

The best time tracking app allows you to create accurate invoices for your customers. Not only that, but you can also view the time required to complete different tasks. Moreover, time tracking apps help ensure that the cost of completing a fixed-rate project does not exceed costs.

You can track time to improve personal productivity. You can also track time to simplify your business processes. Either way, time tracking software plays a big role in your business.

Below, you will find our top picks for the best time tracking apps in the market. With these essential tools, you can look forward to better productivity.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What to Look for in Time Tracker Apps

Key Takeaways

What to Look for in Time Tracker Apps

Compared to the estimated time after the task is completed, tracking time while at work allows you to issue invoices more accurately. Higher accuracy will also create trust for your customers, but it also benefits the business.

When you know how you use your time, you can analyze it and make more informed business decisions. When looking for the best time tracking application, consider the following criteria:

Edit Tracked Time

The best apps allow you to correct the time you track afterward. For example, if you accidentally keep the timer running while taking off for lunch. You should be able to edit the time log to subtract the number of minutes you have not worked.

You also need an app that allows you to enter a time block after the fact, in case you completely forget to start the timer. For example, if your phone rings and you join a 20-minute call, you may not start the timer, but you do want to record these working hours and billable time.


The most powerful time tracking application provides dashboards and reports. These allow you to break down the time spent by each project, each person, or each customer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Once you have aggregated all the time spent at work, you must be able to act on it. These apps allow you to create invoices based on time tracking data stored in the app or export the information to share with the right people.

Real-Time Tracking

Almost all time tracker software lets you track in real-time. This means they will provide you with a running clock that you can start when you start a task, and you can pause or stop it when you finish.


FreshBooks knows that every second is important. Start tracking your time in FreshBooks and see exactly how much time you spend on clients and projects. After you complete your work, you can easily generate an invoice with one click with FreshBooks.

What’s more, you will know with just a glance how long a task will take. And easy-to-read breakdowns of working hours mean you can work more efficiently. No longer do you have to remember how long you and your team spend on client projects.

Just start a timer and start doing business. When finished, you will have an accurate time log, and you can produce the invoice. It doesn’t matter if you are using a mobile app on the go or browsing the web with the FreshBooks Chrome Timer.

FreshBooks can ensure that you make a bank deposit within every billable hour. In addition, you can track time directly from the apps you know and love. These include Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Teamwork.

That’s the power of FreshBooks’ suite of tools. And time tracking is just the beginning. You’ll find a wealth of resources to help streamline your business.

Toggl Track

If you need a time tracking application but can’t afford to pay, you should use Toggl Track. The time tracking tool provides a large number of free services. These allow you to access various applications. Plus, it contains all the core functional applications you expect in time tracking.

Toggl Track can work effortlessly, mainly because it doesn’t ask you too much when you start a timed task. For many time tracking apps, you must enter various data into your account before the application allows you to track time.

If you don’t do this, you must temporarily put the tasks aside and enter them. With Toggl Track, you can track your time immediately and worry about the details later.

What’s more, when you use Toggl Track through the Chrome or Firefox browser extension, a Toggl timer button shows up. This is present in just about every web app you could imagine, from Google Docs and other Google apps to Help Scout.

Because you always see the Toggl Track button while you’re working, you have a continual reminder to track your time.


In another solid time tracking application, Harvest is the team’s first choice. This is also a good choice for independent entrepreneurs. But it aims to handle collaborative workloads in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Is time tracking and organizing your team’s time not your strong suit? The Harvest is an excellent simple time management app to help you get the job done. Everyone on your team can install and use any number of instances of Harvest. This includes desktop apps, mobile apps, and browser extensions.

These applications work offline. Even if you are not online, you and your teammates can also record mission time. When team members run their time clocks, all information flows into the administrator’s Harvest account.  This is presented in the form of a summary and detailed information.

If you want, Harvest can remind team members to submit their timetables. And business owners can edit, review, and approve the team timetable at any time.


HourStack is a collaborative productivity app. It looks different from many other time tracking applications. It represents time in the form of blocks or windows, just as working hours are events on the calendar.

It is not the only application that schedules time in this way (others do the same). But compared to other applications, it does place more emphasis on planning your time before you start working.

For example, you can allocate time blocks on your calendar for tasks that you plan to complete later in the week. You can indicate that you think the task will take an hour, or you want to spend no more than an hour on it.

Once you start the timer, HourStack will keep an eye on the clock for you to help you stay within the expectations you set. Like other time tracking applications, HourStack allows you to create projects and tasks. You can also visualize things using color coding.

In addition, you can add tags to task types to distinguish them, such as business development and communication. You can also color code these for easier reading.

Key Takeaways

FreshBooks once again takes the lead as the most comprehensive project management tool. It's simple time tracker ensures that you stay on top of your hours worked. If you’d like more small business support, we invite you to explore our Resource Hub for valuable information.