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Top 8 Most Unique Service Business Ideas You Can Start Now

You might have heard of a few co-workers or acquaintances becoming entrepreneurs. In 2016, the number of small businesses rose by 2.3 percent compared to the previous year, according to the Small Business Administration.

So how can you create a unique service business that will stand out? It’s important to find something you both enjoy and are good at. All of the business ideas below you can start in your spare time so you can ramp up your small business while still working full-time. You can also start all of them from home and many of them online.

See what unique business idea appeals to you in our list below and start your own successful small business today.

In this article, we’ll cover:

1. Vacation Rentals

Renting out an apartment or a house is an option, but you can also rent out a room of your house. Inc. recommends this option to significantly lower your living expenses every month.

Rent out a guest bedroom or turn an existing office or other room into a bedroom. Other than kitting out a beautiful space, you’ll also need to learn how to advertise on social media, managing online listings, find time to clean up and manage interactions with guests.

You can also look into paid hosting opportunities like hosting exchange students, visiting professors or hospital patients in town for long-term treatment.

Just make sure your landlord, condo or community allows you to rent out your space to guests.

If you don’t already have a condo, use a site like Precondo to research pre-construction condos. This is a great option if you want to find a deal on a condo you can rent out later.

It’s a good time to get a little extra help with your rent or mortgage. The vacation rental industry is booming. Revenue in 2018 is expected to reach $13,053 million in 2018 in the U.S. and grow by 7.9 percent a year until 2022, says Statistica.

How to differentiate your listing? Pets and dietary restrictions are the hottest trends in vacation rentals, according to HomeAway. Having a yard or other amenities for pets or a custom-stocked fridge can help your listing shine and create a unique experience for guests.

2. Handmade Items

If you’re lucky enough to know how to craft items such as clothes, jewelry or crafts by hand, then this could easily be your next innovative business idea. It’s fairly simple to start selling these products on sites like eBay, CafePress or Etsy, says Inc..

Custom items are sure to be a big hit. Custom birthday outfits for babies and other custom clothing for special events present a huge opportunity, advises The Simple Dollar. You can market them online or to your local community.

3. Delivery Service

Starting a delivery service is one of the best business ideas to make money if you already have a car or other vehicle. The key is to find a niche whether that’s delivering office supplies or food to college students after hours.

You may only need a bike for light deliveries like food. Good Foot Delivery based out of Toronto employs people with developmental deliveries who deliver on foot or via public transport. So you may not even need vehicles. And starting a social enterprise is something interesting and different to consider for every type of business, not just delivery companies.

If you’re just building your business and have a car, you can always drive for Uber or Lyft on the side to help support your growing small delivery business.

4. Social Media Expert

Many companies are seeking help to manage their social media accounts on sites like Facebook and Instagram, says Inc.. Check sites like Upwork, Freelancer.com or Paid Social Media Jobs for open positions.

5. Flipping Websites

Here’s a small profitable business idea: flipping websites. All you do is buy and sell domains or websites. It’s a simple way to make money, but you need to do some research and invest time into figuring out how to do it properly, advises Medium.

This online business idea involves using platforms like Flippa.com or FreeMarket.com to buy and sell or auction off domains and websites.

6. Repairing Gadgets

A great home-based small business idea for the handy is to repair gadgets. Everyone has gadgets like smartphones and tablets and no one knows how to fix them. That person could be you.

Medium advises ordering instruction kits and parts from gadget repair companies online. Then you can fix water-clogged devices, busted batteries, broken screens and more.

Check if your municipality will let you run this kind of business from home. You could also run a shop out of your vehicle and make house calls, too.

7. Resume Writing Service

Many people struggle with professional writing, especially when it comes to an important document like a resume. If you’re gifted with words, consider starting a service to craft beautiful, compelling resumes. You will need to know how to write, edit and proofread. You can also learn design skills so you can sell a complete resume makeover.

This online business idea is cheap to start up and you can do it from home. You will need a website and lots of marketing hustle. Try posting on Facebook groups for students and job seekers as well as sites like Craigslist. You could try flyering local job agencies and offering to help friends for free in exchange for written recommendations (and hopefully good word of mouth and future customers).

8. Bake Gourmet Treats

People love their sweets. If you have a real knack for baking, this could be a popular side hustle you can turn into a full-time company. Gourmet cookies, cupcakes or cakes are all the rage. Sell them via Craigslist, your local community Facebook page or local farmers markets, advises The Simple Dollar.

Consider custom items for special events and meeting dietary restrictions like gluten-free, vegan, Paleo or Keto. And think about creative and distinctive packaging, too. Cupcakes in a jar? Cookies that come out of a box that looks like an oven? The sky’s the limit!

People also ask:

Most Profitable Service Businesses

Here are the top 10 most profitable service businesses, according to Inc. (includes net profit margin):

  1. Accounting, bookkeeping, tax prep, payroll: 18.3 percent
  2. Legal services: 17.4 percent
  3. Real estate landlords: 17.4 percent
  4. Real estate agents and brokers: 14.8 percent
  5. Health practitioners: 14.2 percent
  6. Dental services: 14.1 percent
  7. Specialized design services: 12.8 percent
  8. Real estate activities: 12.3 percent
  9. Warehouse and storage: 11.6 percent
  10. Other schools and instruction: 10.5 percent


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