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Internships at FreshBooks

Deliver value. Enhance your skills. Work on a world class product.


You will tackle tough problems with your team while working towards a common goal. All interns are treated like a full member of the team, and are given the freedom to make an impact.


Mentors will work with you to set goals and grow the skills that you’re interested in. Take time to work on problems you find interesting, and bring it back to your team. The sky is the limit!

Want to Make a Difference?

We’re building a global tech company here in Toronto and we’re always on the hunt for ambitious, talented, motivated individuals to join our team.

Sure, there are perks: but the real reason people are proud to work at FreshBooks is because each person knows their opinion is respected, and they can see the difference they make in the lives of over 10 million small business owners around the world. If you want to accelerate your career, work on projects you’re passionate about and have just as much of a life outside the office as inside—you’re exactly what we’re looking for.