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Free Invoice Template Gallery

Download and create professional-looking invoices perfect for freelancers and small businesses. Download an invoice template in whichever format you prefer (.DOC, .XLS or .PDF) and then simply print and send it. Your clients will be wowed.

Download a Generic Invoice Template

Find Your Perfect Invoice Template

Make invoicing ridiculously easy by downloading the perfect invoice template for you and your business. Different small business owners and self-employed professionals need different invoice templates based on their needs, so choose one of the options below to find the ideal invoice template for you and your clients.

Make Invoicing Even Easier with FreshBooks

Ready to make your invoicing ridiculously easy? Quickly create and send professional looking invoices with FreshBooks. FreshBooks users save, on average, 16 hours a month so you’ll spend less time on invoicing and more time focusing on what you love.

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