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Get Your Free Jewelry Invoice Template

As a jeweler, you are often responsible for pieces of jewelry that hold great sentimental value to your clients. From watches to wedding bands, you are given the task of fixing jewelry that requires a close attention to detail and a very delicate touch.

That’s why you deserve to get paid for your hard work and skill.

Fortunately, the jewelry invoice template from FreshBooks allows jewelers like you to create professional invoices. Create and send your first invoice today so that you can start getting paid fast.

Download the free jewelry invoice template from Freshbooks to get started today.

Available for download in .PDF, .XLS, .DOC,  Google Docs and Google Sheets. Browse all invoice templates on FreshBooks.

Download a Jewelry Invoice Template


Focus on designing eye-catching jewelry for your business and leave the invoice design to FreshBooks. Download and customize your free jewelry invoice template so you can send professional invoices to your clients.

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What is a Jewelry Invoice Used for?

Your work is precious and often comes with a high price tag to your clients. At FreshBooks, we say you deserve every penny.

To ensure that you are fully compensated for your work, you should send a jewelry invoice that includes all of the details you need in order to get paid the right way.

A well-written invoice will include contact information for both you and your client, along with a breakdown of the charges made and payment instructions. Including this information helps to ensure that you receive your payment on time.

If your invoices include the proper details, they can double as financial records which is beneficial when tax time rolls around.

  • Stay on top of missed due dates and debtors
  • Get paid for jewelry alterations, repair and other related services
  • Document client account information and transactions
  • Bill your clients the right way without confusion
  • Send invoices easily through the FreshBooks site, email or direct mail
  • Organize and document information that is important for filing taxes

How to Create a Jewelry Invoice

Are you ready to create a jewelry invoice that sparkles? In a matter of minutes, you can make detailed and professional invoices to bill for your hard work.

Simply download your free invoice template, customize and send to your clients. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create invoices for your jewelry business.

  1. Download the free jewelry receipt template from FreshBooks
  2. Customize template to best represent your business’s branding by adding your logo
  3. Fill in your business name and contact information
  4. Insert your client’s name, business and contact information
  5. Create a unique invoice number to keep track of the invoice and payment
  6. List and detail each service or item provided to the client with a detailed description and price for each
  7. Calculate the total cost of services and items purchased and list at bottom of the invoice
  8. Provide detailed payment instructions and expected due date
  9. Add any additional notes or information regarding payment
  10. Send to your client via Freshbooks, direct mail or email
  11. Save

The customizable invoice template makes billing your clients quite easy. It is wise to add as much detail as possible to ensure a smooth payment process. Your clients will appreciate descriptions and a breakdown of the costs of each service you’ve provided.

The free jewelry invoice template has helped jewelers like you from the UK, North America and beyond bill their clients the right way. Now is the time to create your own professional jewelry invoices.

Invoice Types for Jewelers

As a jeweler, you know that one size certainly does not fit all. FreshBooks knows that the needs of your business are unique.

The jewelry invoice template is customizable so that you can create the type of invoice that perfectly fits the needs of you and your clients.

  • Standard Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Prepayment Invoice
  • Time-Based Invoice
  • Credit Invoice
  • Debit Invoice
  • Mixed Invoice

No matter what type of invoice best suits your business’s need, FreshBooks is prepared to help you through.

The jewelry invoice templates allow room for customization so that every invoice you create is the perfect invoice.

Download the template today to start creating invoices to bill for your jeweler services.

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Download a Jewelry Invoice Template for Free

Are you ready to start getting paid for your jeweler services? The resources from FreshBooks are here to guide you in the billing process to make getting paid as easy as ever.

All you’ve got to do is download the free jewelry invoice template, customize it and send it to your clients. What are you waiting for? It is time for you to get paid.