Calling All Boston Small Business Owners! You’re Invited to the #imakealiving Event

Next up: #imakealiving is coming to Boston, Mass. We’d love to meet you there!

How people make a living today is very different from 10 years ago. And that’s the motivation behind the #imakealiving events sponsored by FreshBooks. In September, we hosted our fifth #imakealiving event in Austin.

Boston is the sixth city on our eight-city #imakealiving tour. We’re excited to see how the conversation evolves in Massachusetts; the similarities and differences between small business owners in different parts of the continent. No matter what, we know it will be another inspiring event!

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Event: #imakealiving powered by FreshBooks
When: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017, 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT
Where: Laugh Boston, 425 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210, USA
Details: #imakealiving will host a diverse panel of people from different industries. They’ll share stories about their livelihoods and non-traditional career journeys. Our keynote speaker, Saul Colt, will then show you how to harness that inspiration and apply it to your own career. Our goal is to motivate and empower you to break out of your comfort zone and take some chances with your career and marketing!
Cost: The #imakealiving event is free to attend! After all, seeing you thrive is all the payment we need

Don’t Miss Out!

  • Our rocking panel is sure to inspire
  • Meet, mingle and share stories with other small business owners
  • Meet us – your new best friends from FreshBooks!
  • Most importantly, receive valuable extra resources and information to help your business thrive

The #imakealiving Guest Speakers

Amanda O’Brien – Director of Business Development at Flyte New Media, Organizer of Social Media Breakfasts in Portland, Maine, and has been working in marketing for over 12 years

Jeff Cutler – A photographer and writer who focuses on creating inspirational content, and who runs the company Novel Ideas

Chris Brogan – CEO of Owner Media Group and a New York Times bestselling author of nine books

John J. Wall – VP of Marketing at Event Hero and Producer of the highly revered weekly audio program Marketing Over Coffee

C.C. Chapman – Co-author of the International bestseller Content Rules, author of Amazing Things Will Happen, and—as a storyteller for hire—his work has appeared on the pages of Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal

Saul Colt – Smartest man in the world. North America’s best word of mouth marketer.

RSVP to the #imakealiving event in Boston here

Not in Boston? Don’t Worry, There’s More to Come!

The #imakealiving event will continue to travel to Chicago and San Francisco before returning to Los Angeles. Want to see FreshBooks come to your city? Leave a comment below! And don’t forget to follow @freshbookslive on Twitter!

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