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Why is FreshBooks raising its prices?

We’re investing heavily in FreshBooks to continuously release new features and improvements based on feedback from you (our customers). Features like accepting Bank Transfers (only available in USA and Canada), Direct Debit (only available in Europe and UK), Credit cards with Freshbooks Payments, Other Income and Bank Reconciliation highlight the value and support our customers have had to help grow their businesses over the past few years.
Overall, we’re committed to building an easy-to-use accounting platform that supports your business as it grows. Here’s what’s already launched in 2022.

Which FreshBooks plans are changing prices?

The new plan pricing is as follows:

US Plans

Canadian Plans

Australian  Plans

United Kingdom Plans

European Plans 

Our yearly plans will continue to offer a 10% discount.

What’s the price of Team Member seats?

The price of each team member seat is as follows: 

Are other add-ons like Advanced Payments increasing in price?

No. There is no price increase for Advanced Payments.

Why are you increasing prices now? What value do I get from this?

Raising our prices allows us to:

  • Continuously build new features to support your business
  • Release new features and feature updates faster
  • Continue to provide industry-leading customer service
  • Remain competitive in our market

What if I don’t use all the features?

We know not all businesses have the same needs at the same time. Some businesses may not use features now, but with growth and change, will find them useful down the road. Our pricing plans and features are designed to support you through all the stages of your business’ growth.

Our pricing plans are informed through customer feedback and are structured to better support how our customers manage and run their businesses.

How can I check my billing details?

In your FreshBooks account in the settings menu, click on Billing and Upgrade to see your bill summary, payment details, plan limits, and Receipts. Click here for detailed instructions.

What if I am on promotional pricing?

If you have any promotional discounts on your account, such as 50% off for 3 months, you will continue to receive this percentage discount. However, after February 8 2023 the discount will be taken off on the new pricing for plans.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, customers can upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time. Click for instructions on how to upgrade or downgrade your account. NOTE: Downgrading may result in the loss of features you currently use.

My subscription was cancelled/expired, and I’d like to resubscribe. Can I get the old pricing?

No. You’ll need to reactivate at the current market pricing.

When will I see these new prices reflected on my bill?

All price increases for current customers will take place starting on or after February 26 2023. 

Current customers will be notified at least 30 days prior to their price increase.

How long until the price changes again?

Price increases aren’t tied to a calendar schedule, and you will always receive notice well in advance of pricing changes to your account.

What if I am on a USD plan but do not live in the United States? Will my prices still be raised?

If you live abroad and there is a local currency available, you have the option to call Support to migrate to your local in-market plan in the local currency. 

If you live abroad and your local currency is not supported by FreshBooks, your plan in USD will increase.

The price has increased since I started my trial. Can I keep my original price? What happens when I upgrade to a paid plan?

All pricing will increase on February 8, 2023.

  • If you upgrade to a paid monthly plan before February 8, you will receive the existing pricing for the first bill cycle, but be moved to the new pricing for your subsequent bill cycles. 
  • If you upgrade to a paid yearly plan before  February 8, you will lock in the current yearly price for the next year. 
  • If you upgrade to a paid monthly or yearly plan after  February 8, your first and subsequent bills will be at the new price.

If you’ve upgraded to a monthly plan, but want to switch to yearly, click here for instructions to access your billing details and to make the switch before  February 8, 2023.

I’m on a 30-day free trial, but have already upgraded to a paid plan. How does the price increase affect me?

If you are on a monthly plan, all payments made after February 8th will be at the new price. If you upgraded to an annual plan before February 8, 2023, you have locked in your current price until your next payment date.

If you’ve upgraded to a monthly plan but want to switch to yearly, click here for instructions to access your billing details and to make the switch before February 8, 2021.

I see a discount available to me on my account. Will I still get that discount when I upgrade to a paid plan?

Yes. All discounts will be applied to the new pricing as well.

I’m a Chase customer, will I still receive my discount?

Yes. The new cost includes the discount you receive as a Chase business customer.

I’m a Chase customer, can I switch from monthly billing to yearly billing?

No, at this time there is no option to switch your current Chase exclusive plan from monthly to yearly billing.

I’m a Chase customer, when will I see the new price on my bill?

All price increases for new Chase business customers will take place starting on November 30, 2022. Current Chase business customers will be notified at least 30 days prior to their price increase.

I am a Chase customer, can I move to a lower plan?

Yes, we do offer alternate Chase Plans. You can change on the account from the Billing and Upgrades page in your FreshBooks account.

I’m currently billed through Apple or Google Play. Does this price increase affect me?

Yes. You will see the increased payment on your next bill on or after February 15.

I’m currently on a mobile plan. How can I change the country I am billed through?

If you’re currently billed through Apple or Google Play you are able to switch your Apple Store or Play Store location to your local country by following the steps in the links below:

I’m currently on a mobile plan. Can I get a discount if I’m on a mobile plan?

Mobile plans are not eligible for discounts. If you signed up for FreshBooks through your mobile device (through the Apple Store or Play Store) and would like to talk about your plan, please call or email our Support team.

If FreshBooks is raising prices to adapt, maybe I should too. But how?

Every business is different, and there are many things to take into account around raising your prices. To help, we’ve written this great article about what to consider when deciding to increase your rates or subscription pricing.

I still have questions about my plan or bill outside of what this FAQ page covers.

If you have specific questions about your bill or plan that aren’t covered in this FAQ, email Customer Success or reach out to your account manager if you have one.