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3 Best Electrical Estimating Software

3 Best Electrical Estimating Software

Accurate estimates are a crucial part of the construction industry. Every construction-based business needs to generate detailed estimates for its potential clients. These estimates contain information about labor costs, material costs, and overall project details. Being an electrical contractor is no different. Electrical estimates tend to have more detail, though. As such, estimating software for electrical projects tend to be powerful tools. If you’re looking for new electrical estimating software, check out the three best options on our list!

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What is an Electrical Estimate?

The 3 Best Electrical Estimating Software

Key Takeaways

What is an Electrical Estimate?

An electrical estimate is a construction estimate detailing an electrical project cost. They are generated by electrical contracting companies using a variety of techniques and methods. In today’s world, like with any other estimate, electrical estimates can be generated using the software. These software options make the electrical estimating process faster and more accurate.

What to Look for in Electrical Estimating Software

If you are an electrical contractor looking for new software, there are a few things to look for. All of these things will make your job easier. Check them out below:

  • Customizable labor costs
  • Up-to-date material costs with a material database
  • Easy to use project management tools
  • The ability to handle residential projects and commercial projects
  • Access to digital plans, when available

When reviewing the best options available, we took all of the above into consideration.

The 3 Best Electrical Estimating Software

If you need new estimating software, look no further! These are the three best options on the market!

1. McCormick Electrical Estimating

This electrical estimating software offered by McCormick Systems is at the top of our list for a good reason. McCormick has been around since 1979, and they’re commonly referred to as experts in the field. Their software shows that. The software offers comprehensive solutions for the following areas:

  • Commercial projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Residential projects
  • Low voltage systems
  • Solar power systems

Among these projects, the software offers the ability to work in more specialized fields, as well.

McCormick Systems offers several levels to its product. They range from independent contractors to multimillion-dollar firms. Each level boasts the appropriate tools and layout for the intended audience. If you’re looking for an all-in-one product, look no further than McCormick. It has built-in digital takeoff and every feature you can imagine.

The software includes several thousand electrical item details. In addition to this, it includes over 30,000 pre-built assemblies. This allows for the most accurate estimates the first time. We placed McCormick at the top of the list for a good reason.

2. Houzz Pro Software

Houzz Pro Software is geared towards companies involved in home remodeling and renovation. You’d think that its electrical estimates would be lacking since it’s not a specified program. You’d be wrong. Houzz Pro is an all-in-one project management tool. It includes everything you need for an entire home remodeling, not just the electrical portion. That being said, the electrical suite is impressive. It includes all of the tools an electrical contractor could need. Houzz Pro includes the following:

  • 3D floor planning
  • Lead management
  • Project management
  • Client dashboards and management
  • Streamlined communication

If you’re a residential contractor, Houzz Pro is the right tool for you. It’s not geared towards larger companies, like McCormick, but that’s where it’s strength lies. Houzz Pro helps small businesses see rapid growth while providing some of the best estimating software available.

3. Electric Ease

Another specialized software, Electric Ease, is cloud-based. It was made specifically for the electrical industry. Electric Ease allows for both job estimation and project management. In addition to those two areas, it specializes in others. Electric Ease provides:

  • Job estimation
  • Project management
  • Bid management
  • Technician scheduling
  • Customer management

To make it easier to use on-the-go, the software has a linked app, as well. Users have great control over a live workflow in the program. There they can attach detailed job descriptions and photographs. This program is used for companies that may have more than a few technicians. The workflow editing and collaboration let workers communicate with ease. Electric Ease allows for unlimited users, so it scales with your business. If you want a dedicated electrical program, choose Electric Ease.

Key Takeaways

Electrical estimating is an important part of the industry. It requires detailed job descriptions and vast information on materials and assemblies. If you need new electrical estimating software, don’t hesitate to choose from the three we’ve listed. They’re all great solutions, depending on the scope of your electrical company.

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