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4 Best Online Timer for Work and Productivity

Time is money, and money is time. As such, it probably makes a lot of sense to use timers when you’re working throughout the day. A basic timer can help you improve your focus and productivity while you work. There are even fun timers available that can help you turn your productivity into a game! No matter what your needs are, you should consider keeping a timer tab open on your computer while you work. Keep reading to find out why, and what the best online timers are!

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

Why Should I Use a Timer While I Work?

The 4 Best Online Timers for Work

Key Takeaways

Why Should I Use a Timer While I Work?

This question comes with a simple answer; time is everything. It’s why we use an alarm clock to wake up. It’s why we use an egg timer for our food. It’s why businesses and professionals record their billable hours. There’s a benefit to timing nearly everything. The main benefit of timing your work is your productivity. This method of increasing productivity and focus is present in pop culture. You’ve probably noticed a sand timer sitting on the desk of some business executive in a show or a movie. That’s because it works.

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If you set a simple timer for yourself that tells you how long you should work, it’s likely that you’ll use that time to work. Some people use a formal timer, while others are more relaxed. Regardless of the method, timers help people focus. We happen to think that online timers are the best method, which is why we reviewed the 4 best options!

The 4 Best Online Timers for Work

Take a look at our comprehensive list of the best online timers available to help you with your work!

1. Timerdoro

Timerdoro is a wonderful, classic Pomodoro timer. The Pomodoro method encompasses the idea that 25 minutes of work paired with a 5-minute break is the most productive solution. We’ve seen the same thing, which is why we’ve chosen this simple 25-minute Pomodoro timer as our first pick. While this isn’t a fully customizable Pomodoro timer, it does have some additional options. Timerdoro lets you switch to 2-minute quick task timers, as well. We love the Timerdoro timer, and we think you will, too! It’s the best option available when it comes to a simple online countdown timer.

2. Toggl Online Timer

Toggl is more than just an online timer, it’s a multifaceted timer system. Toggl allows you to create an account that will consolidate all of your timer data in one place. This is an impressive feat, to say the least. Freelancers would love Toggl for that reason alone. Because Toggl can be taken anywhere, time can be recorded anywhere, too! That being said, if you aren’t looking for a complicated experience, you can just stick to the online timer. There’s no pressure to sign up for all of their timer content or applications, and their online timer works very well. We just love the versatility that Toggl brings to the table.

3. Pomofocus

And quickly, we’re back to Pomodoro timers! Pomofocus is a more customizable Pomodoro timer than Timerdoro is. Pomofocus allows you to set up multiple task timers for larger projects. It also offers a wide variety of reporting options related to your timers. These can tell you exactly how much you worked on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As such, Pomofocus can help you hone in on your productivity. If you suspect that you may have more trouble working certain days of the week than you do others, Pomofocus can provide the data to back that up. After all, the entire point of using a timer is to improve your working conditions!

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4. Google Timer

If you want simple, we’ve got simple. The Google Timer is the simplest option we have on this list, but that’s why we’ve included it. Not everyone wants preset times, or the ability to customize an interface. Sometimes, you just need a timer. If that’s the case, simply go to Google and type in “timer” to get started. It’ll pop right up, and it’s easy to use, just like everything else Google provides.

Key Takeaways

If you’ve learned one thing from this article, it’s that time is important. In fact, it’s the most important part of work. All the work that we do, all the work that others do, is measured by time. That amount of time is then measured in money. If you want to increase your productivity and make your time more valuable, start using an online timer. You won’t regret it!

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