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2 Effective Time Management Infographics

2 Effective Time Management Infographics

Time management is one of the most important skills in the workplace. Effective time management can lead to a positive impact in the workplace and in our personal lives. It can also lead to the best balance between those two aspects of our lives.

If you’re struggling with time management, the chances are that there’s an infographic out there to motivate you! Check these 2 time management infographics out to help get you going when you start to struggle. Each one has a plethora of helpful tips and tricks to keep you focused.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What Is Effective Time Management?

The Best 2 Time Management Infographics

Key Takeaways

What Is Effective Time Management?

Before we get started with the fun part, it’s important to define what effective time management is. To put it simply, effective time management means getting more work done in a day. However, a lot more goes into it than that. Managing time means understanding when routine tasks need to be done. It also means being able to organize your daily tasks in a way that allows for more urgent work to be done first.

Great time management is a set of skills that includes goal setting, keeping attention between tasks, and knowing when to take a break. It also pays attention to downtime between tasks, and increases business activity when necessary.

The Best 2 Time Management Infographics

If you’re looking for effective time management tips to help you with your daily life, check out these great infographics!

1. Killing Time by Column Five

This isn’t an infographic about saving your time, it’s an infographic about how you waste it. Killing Time emphasizes all the activities that we go through in a day that waste time. In most cases, a simple time-waster is more powerful than the best time management technique. Just think about how much time people can spend scrolling on social media! It can really wreck a day’s productivity.

Identifying these behaviors is the best way to combat them. Killing Time breaks up these time-wasting habits into the following 7 categories:

  • Check your email every two minutes. This can honestly be applied to any sort of communication that you just can’t stop going back to. Email just happens to be the most prevalent in the workplace.
  • Keep your desk cluttered. A messy workspace is a great way to stay distracted. It can keep you from getting anything done.
  • Be as un-ergonomical as possible. The more comfortable you are, the more productive you are.
  • Make sure to multitask. We’re saying this again for the person in the back, “Multitasking doesn’t work!” Set your focus on one task at a time.
  • Notify the hell out of your life. Social media enters the playing field, and it can absolutely stop any and all work from being done.
  • Allow others to bug you. While collaboration is a wonderful tool, it isn’t the most efficient. It can certainly be a waste of time.
  • Create an impossibly long to-do list. The longer your to-do lists are, the less likely you’ll tackle them. Set realistic goals.

Overall, Killing Time may be the best infographic available. It’s certainly the funniest! It really does help pinpoint bad behavior in the office, though, and can help you avoid them. Knowing the problem is half the battle, after all.

2. 12 Best Time Management Techniques by Weekdone

This infographic is straight to the point, only providing technique information. There’s no fluff to it, though it is a self-promotion of sorts. The 5 most useful techniquest on this infographic are below.

  • Take 5 minutes before starting a task. The importance of breaks in work is something that not enough people talk about. Even just 5 minutes to think about the work rather than dive right in can make a difference.
  • Only track important tasks. Tracking tasks takes time to set up. To effectively track your time, only track the important ones.
  • Get enough sleep. This plays a role in both work and personal life. Sleeping well can make or break an entire day.
  • Plan your time. Planning ahead lets you use your time wisely. It also lets you build a cushion so any urgent tasks that come up can be taken care of.
  • Use a good time tracking software. We’d have to agree here. A good time tracking software can provide great data about your time management habits. Consider getting one today!

Opposite Killing Time, this infographic helps you plan accordingly, rather than avoid bad habits.

Key Takeaways

In today’s world, time management is crucial, especially with all of the distractions. Time management techniques are important. The above infographics are an entertaining way to remind yourself of good habits.

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