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10 Best Time Tracking Software for 2024

Time Tracking Software

Whether you’re managing a team of employees, working remotely and submitting your hours, or running a small business and figuring out how to bill clients, time tracking is key to the success of your business. Accurate time tracking ensures that you or your employees are fairly compensated, and makes it easier to organize your accounting when tax season rolls around. We’ll explore the best time-tracking tools and software for 2024 to help you find an efficient, time-saving way to track hours and grow your business.

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10 Best Time Tracking Software  

When you’re shopping for a new time-tracking software, you’ll want to consider everything from the number of users to integration with your other accounting software. Learn more about what’s on the market to find the best fit for your time tracker needs:

Optimize Your Time

1. FreshBooks (Best Overall) 

Versatile, user-friendly, and affordable, FreshBooks wins for overall time management and tracking software. Whether you’re a small business owner, an employee, or an HR manager, FreshBooks makes it easy to track hours and manage your payments.


FreshBooks time tracking software makes it easy to keep track of your hours wherever you are. Set a timer from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device to start your hours rolling, then receive a time log that you can use to organize invoices and bill clients. The Google Chrome Time Tracker Extension makes it easy to track from your browser, while the mobile web app (for both an iPhone and Android) offers on-the-go tracking so you can calculate drive time and transport hours. You can also track from Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and Teamwork for quick and easy integration with your current working set-up.

FreshBooks time tracking makes managing your hours a breeze, but there’s even more it can offer your business. Time tracking integrates effortlessly with other features like estimating, invoicing software, and financial reporting so you can manage all your accounting in one digital space. 

FreshBooks makes it easy to go through your whole workflow from one platform. Generate estimates, track your hours, create invoices, and accept client payments. When you’re done, everything is in one place for a quick and easy tax season.


FreshBooks time tracking software starts as low as $19 a month for the Lite plan.

2. Toggl Track 

Toggl Track offers a straightforward way to manage time tracking. The free plan includes unlimited time tracking, but it becomes expensive if you want to access additional features.


  • Integrates with Toggl Plan for work scheduling
  • Includes web and mobile tools
  • Features unlimited time tracking and idle time detection
  • Compatible with Asana and Google Calendar


  • Does not include any invoicing features or additional scheduling options
  • Minimal tools for managing projects


  • Basic free plan, or more comprehensive paid plans starting at $9/month for each user

3. Harvest  

Harvest offers a versatile time-tracking and project-management system. It includes a wide variety of features, and the free plan is great for a single user. However, the higher user/month cost means it gets pricey for anyone with more than 1 person working.


  • Includes desktop, mobile, and browser tracking apps
  • Integrates with Xero and QuickBooks for invoicing and payments
  • Budgeting and reporting features 


  • Becomes expensive quickly for multiple users


  • Free for 1 user or $10.80/month per user for collaborative plans

4. TimeCamp  

A popular fit for freelancers, TimeCamp tracks how you spend your time on browsers so you can focus on growing productivity. Helpful for time tracking by task, but limited in terms of invoicing and other project management tools.


  • Mobile, desktop, and laptop time tracking
  • Tracks where time is spent in browsers 
  • Integrates with Asana, Trello, and QuickBooks


  • Basic plans don’t include any invoicing features
  • Timesheet approval only on higher-tier plans
  • Free plan doesn’t have any integrations


  • Basic free plan, or paid plans starting at $3.99/month per user

5. Time Doctor  

Time Doctor focuses heavily on productivity and employee monitoring software, which may be an advantage for remote workspaces. While the emphasis on monitoring and activity tracking can be a helpful way for employees to track their own productivity, it can also be seen as invasive. Productivity and idle-time pop-ups may also be distracting for some users.


  • Emphasis on employee monitoring with screenshots and tracking
  • Generates usage reports on how employees spend time
  • Includes location tracking for remote work


  • Minimal support for other features like invoicing
  • Invasive monitoring features may generate a response from employees


  • Basic plans start at $5.90/month per user

6. Everhour  

Everhour is a strong option for those who want to include multiple users and only need basic time tracking. The free plan includes unlimited reports, projects, and time tracking for up to 5 users. However, if you’re looking to add unlimited users, any invoicing, budgets, or more in-depth features, the paid plan costs can add up quickly.


  • Straightforward time tracking app
  • Compatible with Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and others
  • Free plan includes unlimited time tracking for up to 5 users


  • Limited features on the mobile app
  • Difficulties with updates and adjustments


  • Free plan for up to 5 users, Lite plan starting at $5/month per user

7. Clockify  

With screen monitoring and tab tracking, Clockify focuses on time tracking for employee productivity. While it can integrate with other apps, the Basic plan doesn’t offer invoicing or payment features.


  • Offers manual, timer, and calendar time tracking
  • Unlimited free time tracking
  • Allows for employee screen monitoring to track productivity


  • Reported glitches with the mobile time-tracking app
  • Minimal features on the free plan


  • Basic plans start at $4.99/month per user

8. Paymo  

A favorite for collaborative work, Paymo is designed for group working systems and time tracking. Features like comment flow make it easier to track projects, while unlimited invoicing offers an easy way to bill. However, there’s a learning curve to the system, and it can get pricey with large user numbers.


  • Includes billing features
  • All plans come with unlimited invoicing
  • Collaboration tools like task comments


  • Basic plan limits the number of users
  • Not the most user-friendly system


  • Basic free plan for one user, or plans starting at $4.95/month per user

9. QuickBooks Time  

QuickBooks time is a popular choice for larger companies and HR workers managing multiple employees. It’s great for keeping track of where people are on the job, but limited in terms of tracking how people spend their time online.


  • Includes location tracking for employees
  • Time off management tools
  • Integrated employee scheduling system


  • Doesn’t include any tab tracking for online management
  • Minimal customer support
  • No free options


  • Plans start at $30/month, plus $10/month for each additional user

10. Deputy  

Deputy is aimed mostly at managers and employers who want to track employee hours. The more expensive plans include scheduling features, while the basic plans allow for simple time tracking.


  • Easy digital clocking in and out for employees
  • Includes automatic wage calculations
  • Labor law compliance features to help with employee scheduling 


  • Free plan includes very minimal features
  • Not an especially user-friendly interface


  • Time tracking plans start at $3.50/month per user

How To Choose The Best Time Tracking Software  

Choosing the best time-tracking software depends on your business needs and your current software setup. The following factors can be helpful when assessing which software is the best fit for your company.

User Interface  

A straightforward user interface saves you time and energy. Some software has a learning curve if the interface isn’t intuitive, and each new user will have to face it if you add on more collaborators or employees. It’s also important to consider the interface on desktop, browser, and mobile devices if you need to use a time-tracking tool across multiple systems.

Online Time Tracking Variety  

From a simple start and stop clock to specialized tracking for every app you use, online time tracking comes in many different forms. A good place to start when assessing your time tracking variety needs is to consider what your goals are for time tracking—do you just need to track working hours to bill clients, or do you want to know exactly how and where you or your employees spend time? If you’re looking to record hours worked, then a straightforward system may offer fewer distractions and an easier interface. If you want to analyze where you spend time and how to boost efficiency, you may want a more in-depth system that lets you manage time spent on different apps.


Having a time-tracking app that integrates with other software can save you a significant amount of time when you’re generating reports and invoices. The easiest option is a system like FreshBooks that includes all the features you need, from automatic time tracking to creating invoices and reports. The FreshBooks app store makes it easy to explore all the available integrations so you can see how FreshBooks is compatible with your other workflow software.


When considering pricing, it’s helpful to look at the following factors:

  • Number of users
  • Number of clients or projects
  • Features included in the plan

If you’re a freelancer or small business owner, you may only need one user on your software. For larger companies, user-based charging plans can add up quickly. It’s also important to consider your other software and add up total cost—while the lowest cost time tracking software might seem like the best choice if it integrates with your accounting software, it may be more affordable to subscribe to a single software that offers both features. FreshBooks pricing lets you explore software that offers time tracking, invoicing, payments, and more so you can manage all your accounting from one system.

Additional Features  

Even if they’re not essential to your business, you may find that extra features can boost your efficiency and end up saving you time and money. Things like multi-currency billing and multi-language invoices can help you expand your customer base, while automatic tax calculations make filing a breeze. Discover all the FreshBooks features to help you grow your business.

Ratings and Reviews  

When you’re considering which online time-tracking software is best, it’s always a good idea to hear from other users. Explore ratings and reviews from freelancers, business owners, employees, and more to discover what makes FreshBooks a great fit.

Comparison Table for Time Tracking Software  

Explore the main features of each project time tracking software with this comparison table based on each software tool’s free trial.

Time Tracking ToolsFree TrialStandout Features
FreshBooksFree 30 Days Trial​​Invoicing Software, Payments, Financial Reporting, Projects Management, Estimating Software, and Several Amazing Features with Time Tracking. 
Toggl Track30 Days TrialCalendar Integration, Time Tracking Audits
Harvest30 Days TrialSimple Project Delivery and Billing
TimeCamp7 Days TrialProductivity Tracking, Attendance Tracking
Time Doctor14 Days TrialProductivity Alerts and Reminders, Employee Screen Capture
Everhour14 Days TrialReporting and Multiple Integrations
Clockify7 Days TrialEmployee Monitoring, Off-Line Mode
Paymo15 Days TrialKanban Boards, Gantt Charts
QuickBooks Time30 Days TrialPTO Management, Employee Scheduling, Geotechnology
Deputy31 Days TrialShift Scheduling Compliance Tool, Timesheet Wage Calculator

Start Time Tracking with FreshBooks  

The right time-tracking software can improve productivity, boost your accounting efficiency, and help ensure that you and your employees are fairly compensated for your work. FreshBooks time tracking software offers the best solution for comprehensive time tracking, with user-friendly desktop and mobile app systems to track your hours. FreshBooks also includes features for invoicing, accepting payments, managing your accounts, and more so you can take care of all your financial administration in one place. Try FreshBooks free to see how this comprehensive time and expense tracking software can help you grow your business today.

Spend Less Time On Timesheets

FAQs about Time Tracking Software 

Looking for more information on time-tracking software? Explore frequently asked questions about team collaboration, task management, employee time tracking, the best time tracking apps, and more.

How do I track time in FreshBooks?  

With FreshBooks, time tracking is as easy as starting your timer. Once your task is complete, FreshBooks will automatically generate a time log that you can quickly convert into an invoice. Track time entries from the Google Chrome extension or the mobile app for easy tracking on the go.

Does FreshBooks allow for team collaboration?  

Yes, FreshBooks makes team collaboration easy. Keep track of time for everyone on the team, then explore features like daily time breakdowns to boost your efficiency. You can also assign time tracking to specific projects for when your team is managing multiple clients and tasks.

Can my employees track their time with Freshbooks?  

Employees can easily keep track of their time with the FreshBooks Chrome extension and the mobile app. Individual team members can track time for different clients so you can manage time tracking for everyone across all your projects.

What is time-tracking software?  

Time tracking software is an online system that helps you keep track of the hours you spend working on a project. Some time tracking software is as simple as a start and stop clock, while others like FreshBooks let you organize your time tracking by project, client, and task for a comprehensive view of how you spend your time.

Why use time-tracking software?  

Time tracking software helps you track your working hours so you can properly show billable hours to your clients or employers and receive fair compensation. It can also be a helpful way to analyze where you spend your time at work, so you can figure out what can be improved and boost productivity.

What is a good app for tracking employee hours?  

The best overall app for tracking employee hours is FreshBooks because it offers simple time tracking on your browser and mobile device. You can also track individual hours spent on tasks and clients. Learn more about employee time tracking software to discover how FreshBooks’ time tracking solution can support your business.

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