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FreshBooks Releases Free Board Book for Self-Employed Professionals and Their Children

There is relatively little research available for and about self-employed professionals and their teams. That’s why for the past two years, FreshBooks has released reports focused on people who work for themselves. Insights from this research help fuel our company mission to reshape the world for self-employed professionals and their teams.

Thanks to these reports, we’ve been able to share many surprising and valuable insights about self-employed professionals. However, we’ve seen a steady trend that’s not so surprising. The majority of people who work for themselves consistently say the additional time spent with their family has been a major benefit of becoming self-employed.

In our 2017 survey we learned:

  1. 56% of self-employed professionals say working for themselves makes it easier to find flexibility when they need to be there for family.
  2. Close to half, 43%, report that it’s easier to make quality time with family.
  3. Among those with children, 42% say it’s now easier to assure that the kids have quality care.

In our 2018 survey we learned:

  1. Of the 27 million people that could become self-employed over the next two years, 1 in 3 people say they’re hoping to pursue self-employment for family reasons.
  2. 13 million women say they could become self-employed over the next two years. 84% of them believe it will make it easier to become a working mother.

From our research it’s clear that spending time with family is a major motivator for those thinking about self-employment, and an added perk for those already working for themselves.

At FreshBooks, what our customers value most is always top of mind, which is why we released our first (and only) children’s book. FreshBooks makes accounting a breeze, so you can spend more time doing what you love — whether it’s running a business, or spending time with your family.

If you’re interested in a free copy of our children’s board book, please email pr@freshbooks.com with your name and mailing address. Please note that quantities are limited.

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