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Women-Owned Businesses In The U.S. Facing Slower Recovery

Canadian Women-Owned Small Businesses Taking Twice as Long To Recover From COVID-19 C...

What American small businesses are saying about the impact of COVID-19

FreshBooks’ 3rd Annual Report Reveals 24 Million Americans Want to Become Self-Empl...

Women in the Independent Workforce - 2nd Annual Report, 2019

Myths Busted – Not all entrepreneurs 65 and older are ready to retire

Self-employment in California

How to Write an Invoice That Gets You Paid, Fast

FreshBooks Report: Accountants and Bookkeepers Believe Accounting Software is Too Com...

FreshBooks’ Second Annual Politeness Index: Which County Is Most Polite?

FreshBooks’ Second Annual Politeness Index: Which U.S. State is Most Polite?

FreshBooks’ Second Annual Politeness Index: Which Canadian Province is Most Polite?

Study: 40% of Freelancers Will Head into the Holiday Season with Unpaid Invoices

Study: 40% of Small Business Owners Get Paid by Check

Freshbooks Study Reveals Millennial Entrepreneurs Are The Generation Most Likely to E...

Freshbooks Releases New Report on Freelancer’s Business and Financial Challenges

Study: Do Freelancers Need Business Insurance?

FreshBooks Millennial Workaholics Index

The Freelance Earnings Gap by State

FreshBooks Releases Free Board Book for Self-Employed Professionals and Their Childre...

New Research from FreshBooks Discovers a 28% Wage Gap Among Self-Employed Women and M...

FreshBooks Releases Hourly Rate Resource for Creative Freelancers in Major Cities

Fastest Growing Industries for Self-Employed Professionals in 2017

FreshBooks Launches Hourly Rate Benchmarking Tool for Self-Employed Professionals

When Are Self-Employed Professionals Working?

How Is the Sharing Economy Changing the Game for Small Business Travel?

A Look At Entrepreneurial Women

Which U.S. State Is Most Polite?

Survey: Majority of American Freelancers Prefer Star Wars over Star Trek

Freelancers: Follow These Data Driven Tips to Get Paid Faster

V-Day Study: Who Earns More — Single or Married Freelancers?

New Brunswick Ranks #1 Most Polite Canadian Province

FreshBooks 2018 Tax Report

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