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Survey: Majority of American Freelancers Prefer Star Wars over Star Trek

If you’re travelling through the galaxy at hyperspeed, would you rather do so on the Millenium Falcon or the USS Enterprise? The FreshBooks Data and Insights team took a quick break from sharing data that helps freelancers run their business to join in the Star Wars fun. Our FreshBooks survey finds the majority of American freelancers would rather do so on the Millenium Falcon, stating that when it comes to their choice of space sagas, they prefer Star Wars over Star Trek.

Check out what else we discovered:

  1. 60% of democrats chose Star Wars as their preferred space saga
  2. Freelancers that work as creative, marketing or IT professionals prefer Star Wars to Star Trek 2:1
  3. Freelancers under 35 are three times as likely to prefer Star Wars
  4. Single freelancers prefer Star Trek

We hope you take Yoda’s advice and pass on what you have learned. After all, knowledge is power. Unlimitedpower!

Contact: Carly Moulton, PR Manager pr@freshbooks.com


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