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The Freelance Earnings Gap by State

Traditionally the gender wage gap is associated with corporate America, where employees have less control over their income, and are reliant on their manager to determine their wage.

Self-employed professionals on the other hand, have complete control over how much they charge, and instead of waiting for annual reviews, can increase their rates at any time.

Which is why it came as a surprise when the data team at FreshBooks discovered a 28% gender earnings gap among a sample of over 10,000 customers.

Even when controlled for business size and industry, the gender pay gap among self-employed professionals continued to persist.

In this post, we break down the median earnings in 2017 of men and women by state, so self-employed professionals can get a better understanding of what their peers are earning close to home.


The tables represents a sample of the median earnings of men and women in 2017 by state.

Lindsay Lapchuk

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