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V-Day Study: Who Earns More — Single or Married Freelancers?

Hey freelancers! Thinking of popping the question this Valentine’s Day?

If your significant other has been dropping hints, and you’ve been waiting for a sign from your favourite accounting software that now is the right time, then you’re in luck.

FreshBooks surveyed over 1600 American full-time freelancers to discover who earns more income, single or married freelancers (remember, we’re not talking household).

Here’s what we discovered:

Married Millennials earn nearly 50% more

Freelancers aged 18-34 who live with a spouse or partner earn 47% more.

Married freelancers aged 50-65 earn 80% more

That’s 33% more than what cohabiting millennials earn—proving just about everything gets better with age.

And while the common saying is that you should never mix business with pleasure, we find that freelancers who have a spouse or partner involved in their business in some capacity earn 25% more income than those who don’t!

Questions? Contact Carly Moulton, research@freshbooks.com

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