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The 7 Best Invoice Management Software For Easy Billing

The 7 Best Invoice Management Software For Easy Billing

Invoice management software can help your business automate your billing processes. 

Invoicing is a necessary evil. You need your bills paid, but the process can be laborious. Creating, emailing, and chasing invoices are a drain on your already busy timelines.

Don't forget the embarrassment of sending out duplicate invoices or late invoicing. 

All in all, it can turn into a headache. 

Time spent invoicing could be much better used doing the things that make you money. 

Invoice management software is the answer to your prayers. It can provide an excellent alternative to an otherwise lengthy and tedious process. 

These tools help you to create and send professional invoices to clients hassle-free.

Are you considering purchasing invoice management software for your business? Here are some critical considerations to help you decide. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What is Invoice Management Software And Why Do You Need It?

The Best Invoice Management Software 


What is Invoice Management Software And Why Do You Need It?

What actually is invoice management software and how can it benefit your business? 

It allows you to manage the entire invoice management process, all in one place. 

Some of the benefits it provides are: 

  • Template invoices. Personalize templates for use with different clients and in various scenarios.
  • Better invoice management. Track the status of invoices you have sent, when they are due, and apply any late payment fees. You can also prevent overbilling as a result of duplicate invoices. The software removes the need for paper invoices. Use it to schedule automatic reminders for regular payments of monthly invoices. 
  • Save time and money. Creating and chasing invoices happens automatically with the invoice and billing software. 
  • Less chasing of invoices. Increase your revenue by streamlining your payment processes. The invoicing software allows you to take online payments with a “pay now” payment option. 

The Best Invoice Management Software 

  • FreshBooks

Call us biased but we like to think we are number one when it comes to powerful invoice management software! 

We have worked hard to understand the wants and needs of small businesses. We know that the easier it is for you to handle your finances, the better. 

That’s why we designed our invoicing software to make your life as easy as possible. 

Wherever possible we designed automated processes to save you time.

Invoicing is quicker and simpler but still feels personal with many customization options. 

We wanted to make the invoicing and billing process much easier for business owners. 

This is why we offer an all-in-one solution. Manage both your invoicing and accounting within our accounting framework. 

Keep everything you need all in one, easy-to-access location. 

Best features of FreshBooks 

  • Use the “invoices” tab in our software. Here you can see any invoices in progress, overdue, outstanding, and in draft.
  • Create professional invoices, customized with your information
  • Access a simple invoice generator for creating personalized invoices for each client
  • Track time and add this to projects, while also accounting for your expenses 
  • Easy access to your regularly used invoice templates for efficiency  
  • Accept payment of invoices immediately thanks to the FreshBooks payment processor. Take credit and debit card transactions as well as Stripe payments.
  • Many automation options to save time on chasing payments. You can also set up manual reminders.
  • Set up payment reminders and due dates for clients who have a history of late payment
  • Automatic charging of late fees on invoices
  • Add direct discounts to invoices wherever they may apply 
  • Mobile app for on the go invoicing 
  • Bill for a deposit to make sure you’re never left out of pocket
  • Add a retainer when handling a long-term contract 
  • Many currency and language options available 
  • A clean and intuitive system with a great user experience
  • Zoho Invoice 

Zoho Books’ invoicing software is “Zoho Invoicing.” It's a good choice for small to midsize businesses looking for easier invoicing.

Zoho’s online accounting system is simple to use. It does all the basics, including creating and sending invoices. 

Best Features of Zoho Invoice 

  • Flexible pricing options 
  • Customizable features 
  • Automated reminders for due and overdue invoices 
  • The system is simple to use and understand with easy to interpret data
  • A good range of customizable invoice templates 
  • Send a professional-looking Zoho invoice personalized with your logo and brand colors
  • Send invoices in many different languages and currencies
  • Set up automatic recurring invoices for regular customers
  • Accept online payments as the system integrates with both PayPal and Stripe
  • Zoho invoice integrates with other Zoho products, keeping everything in one place 
  • Xero 

Xero accounting software dedicates itself to security and reliability. It caters to small businesses particularly.

Its cloud-based accounting programs help business owners manage invoicing while on the go.

Best Features of Xero 

  • Send out automatic reminders when payments are due 
  • Easy to use dashboard which allows you to see at a glance whether you are up to date with payments 
  • The customer-friendly dashboard helps you to keep track of outstanding invoices
  • Accept payments from customers by adding a “pay now” button to invoices 
  • Plenty of customization options available and a good range of ready-made templates 
  • The cloud-based app is easy to access on any device, allowing you to send invoices from your phone
  • Send many invoices in one go where you have a bulk of payments due from one customer 
  • Turn accepted quotes into invoices. This makes this process more streamlined for both you and the customer.
  • QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is a popular, affordable cloud-based accounting software. It keeps your invoices organized in one place. 

It advertises its invoicing software as “perfect for small businesses and contractors”. 

Best Features Of QuickBooks 

  • Create professional and personalized invoices 
  • Straightforward set-up of recurring invoices for returning customers 
  • The system notifies you when a customer has opened an invoice 
  • Send automatic reminders when an invoice is due 
  • As the system is cloud-based, you can create and send an invoice from anywhere and on any device 
  • Accept instant card payments. You can also accept Direct Debit, and other services like PayPal and GoCardless.
  • Convert your estimates to invoices in a few clicks 
  • Apply any promotional discounts, charge late fees, and apply an automatic tax calculation
  • Invoice in many currencies and languages 
  • Sage Accounting 

Sage accounting is a popular and well-known online accounting service. It caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

Its invoice management software helps business owners manage their payments from customers. 

Best features of Sage 

  • Convert quotes and estimates into invoices. This helps encourage faster payment and creates a more streamlined service.
  • Customizable invoice templates with the option to attach documents where required
  • Work with many currencies for international transactions 
  • Send multiple invoices in bulk to save time and avoid duplication 
  • Create recurring invoices for regular customers and send them automatically 
  • Take card payments with Stripe 
  • Integrates with Google Drive. The system generates a copy of an invoice whenever it's updated. This makes collaboration easier for your finance team.
  • The mobile app allows you to keep on track of invoices from wherever you are 
  • Run advanced reports and forecast cash flow with some packages 
  • Wave

Wave accounting software is, according to Wave, designed for entrepreneurs. 

Wave is a one-stop shop for your accountancy needs.

It does this by connecting all your Wave products in one place. 

Best Features Of Wave

  • Easy to use system for creating customized, professional invoices 
  • Set up recurring invoices and automatic credit card payments for repeat customers
  • Ability to switch between manual billing and automated billing where necessary 
  • The invoicing software syncs with your accounting software 
  • It offers a free package which is good for basic use and beginners 
  • Customer information is all in one place and accessible on the dashboard 
  • Create and send reminder emails to customers 
  • View customer payment history to help you prioritize your invoicing 
  • Easy to use app available for mobile invoicing while on the go 
  • Receive notifications when someone takes a step in paying your invoice 
  • Accept credit card or bank payments online with a “pay now” button 
  • Send professional payment receipts 
  • Simplybill 

As the name suggests, Simplybill wants to make the invoicing process simpler.

It has all the basic features you would expect to see in invoice management software. 

Best features of Simplybill 

  • A large number of invoice templates for you to use 
  • It automates tax rates, even when invoicing different countries 
  • It backs up all the time to avoid the risk of accidentally losing documents 
  • Cloud-based software that allows you to access your account through the mobile app. You can then choose to receive notifications when something requires your attention. 


Automating the entire invoicing process is going to save you time and money in your business. 

Invoice management and billing software takes away the stress of managing your finances. 

The software comes with many invoicing features, such as:

  • Complete customization
  • Integration with your accounting software
  • Automation of time-consuming tasks 

At FreshBooks, we know how hard you work. You deserve to spend less time chasing customers and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

At the end of the day, that’s why we’ve developed our own invoicing software to make your life easier.