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How to Make a PDF Invoice: It’s Easy

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Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What Is a PDF Invoice?

Why Use PDF?

How Do I Make a Simple Invoice?

How Do You Convert an Invoice to PDF?

What Is a PDF Invoice?

A PDF invoice is a free and easy to use invoice template with text fields you fill out. Fields should include:

  • Client’s name, company name, address, phone number, email
  • Your name, company name, address, phone number, email
  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • Description of product or services, unit amount, unit cost, total
  • Tax
  • Grand total
  • Payment terms

You simply fill out the information, save it and email it to your client. You can see an example of a free PDF Invoice here.

Why Use PDF?

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”.

It was built to allow users to open and review documents without needing to acquire the software the documents were originally built with. All you need to open or convert a PDF file is Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software.

PDF allows documents to be presented the way they were originally designed to be seen – with the original fonts, spacing, images and graphic design. Converting a document to PDF keeps all the formatting intact.

It is also a trusted format – although a PDF can be altered, it can’t be without leaving electronic evidence that there has been an alteration.

Other reasons for using a PDF are:

Files Are Easy to Convert

Converting a document into a PDF typically only takes seconds to do.

It Decreases File Sizes

A PDF is a visual representation of your original file. This means your file size will decrease, which will make it faster to open and easier to email.

A PDF Is Searchable

You can search a PDF like you would a regular document.

Hyperlinks Are Not a Problem for PDFs

Hyperlinks work on PDFs. For instance, if your invoice has your email address on it, the recipient can email you by simply clicking on this link.

PDFs Can Be Password Protected

If you want to add additional security, you can enable the password feature on a PDF. This means nobody can open the document unless you provide the password first. This is a particularly handy feature for a business with a lot of confidential documents, perhaps financial statements, that they must share with select individuals.

You Can Add Comments or Mark up to a PDF

Like a Word document, recipients can make notes, highlight or mark up sections on a PDF and send it back to you for consideration.

How Do I Make a Simple Invoice?

The easiest way to make an invoice is to go online and find an invoice template you can use going forward. Many accounting software programs, like FreshBooks, offer a professional looking template that you can simply add the new information to, every time you need to issue an invoice. This can be generated as a PDF once completed. Some of the major benefits of utilizing a software accounting program are:

  • You can customize the template with your own company’s logo.
  • The software will generate a unique invoice number automatically, with every new invoice.
  • You do not need to re-enter the same client information every time you need to do up a new invoice (you only do it once).
  • The software will remind you when payments are due from your clients.
  • The software will allow you to categorize and track your expenses, making your income tax filings easier.
  • The software will allow you to send the invoice without exiting the program first.

Usually an accounting program will also come with an app version too, which will allow you to see your account’s details on the go.

However, if you want to do up your own invoice, you can try to create one in excel or word. But keep in mind that there are items you want to definitely include. Without them, you risk the chance of your invoice being declined or payment delayed. Check out “How to Read an Invoice”, which includes a detailed description of what should be on your invoices.

How Do You Convert an Invoice to PDF?

If you have an invoice already created in a different format that you’d like to convert to a PDF, check out “How to Print an Invoice” for step by step instructions.

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