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5 Best Business Management Software for Small Businesses

5 Best Business Management Software for Small Businesses

All smart business owners should try to leverage business management software. But certain software platforms are designed more for large or enterprise business efficiency. It can be tough to know which business management software you should pick.

Business management software comes in a few major types. Overall, it’s any software that helps you manage or run your business better by saving you time, money, or both. Some example types of business management software include business applications like:

Of course, some of the best business management tools combine multiple functions into a single platform. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top five business management software solutions that are perfect for small businesses.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

Top 5 Business Management Systems for Small Businesses

Key Takeaways

Top 5 Business Management Systems for Small Businesses


Call us biased, but FreshBooks has it all as a project management tool. It includes tools for accounting, mileage tracking, and payments. It also has job proposals, invoicing, project management, and more. In short, it’s a one-stop-shop for all the digital tools a small business owner could need.

However, FreshBooks is unlike many other types of business management software. It’s focused on small businesses. It’s a particularly good choice for freelancers or businesses who have regular contractors or small numbers of employees.

FreshBooks is also great since it costs just $7.50 per month for its most basic subscription plan. Try this all-in-one business management software today with a free trial. Then you’ll see if it’s a good choice for your unique needs.


This web-based application is perfect for small businesses. Trello offers a drag-and-drop dashboard that allows you to manage complex tasks easily. Once you’ve created a project to manage, you'll find that its text and visuals fit all screen sizes. So it’s easy to manage your project from anywhere.

Furthermore, it’s available with over 100 integrations for major platforms. These include Slack, Google Drive, and more. It’s best leveraged as a secondary piece of software to be combined with other major platforms. It can be useful for small businesses with diverse employee groups. Or it can work for freelancers who need to collaborate closely with their clients.


Then there's ProofHub. It focuses on efficient project and task management and assignments. For example, it offers Gantt charts and other key performance indicators. Business leaders can use these to ensure their complex projects stay on track at all times.

Also included are customizable features and dynamic reporting. These give you valuable insights into the performance of your business. With ProofHub, you'll be able to organize your business projects and see how well you're pushing toward your business goals.

Time tracking features and other tools are included as well. ProofHub includes a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. This allows on-the-go management and analysis. is a powerful business management app and it starts at just $17 per month. This business management software is perfect for managing day-to-day activities. But it’s also ideal for tracking how different employees spend their time. It offers excellent workflow automation functionality, plus good insight and analysis tools.

Advanced search, form customization, and time tracking tools are included. So it offers a lot of value to small business owners. It’s ideal for planning team tasks and managing multiple groups of employees at once. It’s also secure software, featuring two-factor authentication and Google authentication functions.


Last but not least is Timely. It’s business management software focused specifically on managing your human resources. It offers time trackers that can be separated by business activities or goals.

By understanding how your employees spend time, your business will be more efficient. Plus, you’ll be able to identify your high-performing employees, even if they work remotely.

Timely records everything that your business teams work on. But it can also improve reporting and invoicing accuracy. Its main features include automatic time tracking functionality and real-time project dashboards. It’s an ideal choice for small business owners who have most of their employees working from afar.

Key Takeaways

Each of the above business management solutions can be a great choice. There are many more choices than these, of course. But we recommend you try out FreshBooks and the other options described above. These business management suites have the potential to improve your entire business.

Most business software includes free trials, so use them! These trials let you test out a platform to see if it suits your needs before putting any money down.

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