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5 Best Online Gantt Chart Makers

5 Best Online Gantt Chart Makers

Gantt charts are some of the most useful tools that business owners can leverage to manage projects and workforces. They were designed by Henry Gantt, who wanted a way to see a project plan clearly. Nowadays, they're the go-to visual representation chart type for all kinds of businesses.

With Gantt charts, you can keep an eye on multiple simultaneous projects. You can also assign people to different projects or tasks without having to call everyone into the office for a meeting.

But it’s tough to find the ideal Gantt chart maker for your team. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best Gantt chart makers online. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What Is a Gantt Chart and Why Might You Need to Make One?

Top 5 Gantt Chart Makers

Key Takeaways

What Is a Gantt Chart and Why Might You Need to Make One?

A Gantt chart is an organizational tool and a type of bar chart that lets you visualize tasks over a timeframe. It organizes your tasks into bars within a top to bottom structure. Bars can be extended left and right to represent the time it takes to complete them or their deadlines.

Business owners often use Gantt charts to manage complex tasks and organize their workforces. Grasping project scope or planning out the entire project is made much easier with these charts.

Gantt charts allow you to see things like:

  • Start and end dates for projects
  • Individual project milestones
  • Project duration
  • Who works on individual tasks
  • How tasks overlap or link with one another
  • Project schedule
  • Team availability for new tasks
  • And more

Project managers who want to make efficient use of their workforce should use Gantt charts.

Top 5 Gantt Chart Makers

Fortunately, there are lots of affordable Gantt chart makers out there. Let’s break down the top five Gantt charts software creators. Many of these picks double as good project management software solutions, as well. is an excellent organizational tool from start to finish. It also lets you create customizable Gantt charts. You can even break down your projects into different phases. Thus, it’s possible to organize complex workflows using this intuitive software.

In addition to its Gantt chart capabilities, lets you easily visualize your project timeline at a glance. It can integrate with other popular tools like Dropbox, Trello, and more. With this project management tool, you can track project progress and deliver each project on time.

The only major downside is that it lacks a sophisticated chat interface. So you may need to combine this with other software to facilitate collaborative project management.


GanttPRO is, as its name suggests, an excellent Gantt chart creator. It has possibly the most intuitive interface you’ll find. It’s very easy to navigate and it offers several management and project team collaboration tools to take advantage of.

Users can leverage auto-scheduling features as their projects evolve. This chart tool also lets you switch between different views for more flexibility and user customization. GanttPRO includes comment and notification functionalities. This allows managers and employees to speak freely about different projects or deadlines.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an excellent tool for making automated Gantt charts. It generates the charts automatically from imported task lists. Thus, this could be a good tool for very small business owners who don’t have the time to make their charts from scratch.

Multiple users can use the portal at once. Each Gantt chart created is fully interactive. So you can easily revise your plans and analyze timelines with just a few clicks. The overall user interface is highly customizable. You can change many aspects of the interface, like the theme, the colors, and the arrangement of different modules.


Canva is an ideal Gantt chart generator for small teams and businesses. Not only does it let you create effective and detailed Gantt charts. But it also has templates for slideshows, infographics, presentations, and more.

The drag-and-drop interface is easy to learn. But keep in mind that the free version offered doesn’t give you access to all of its features. It costs to use the best patterns, chart templates, and designs. So if you want to make the most of this software, you’ll need to put some money down.


Consider ClickUp if you want a sophisticated Gantt chart maker that also helps you to plan and organize projects in detail. It lets you make dynamic styles of Gantt charts. With this, you can schedule tasks, handle bottlenecks, and manage deadlines all from the same screen.

Everything is color-coded for better clarity on your part. Users can create individual tasks and link them so you can quickly see how different tasks affect one another. Even better, the tool is easy to use and features drag-and-drop functionality.

Additionally, ClickUp has additional key features for creating and sharing work documents. Integrate this with tools like Slack and Dropbox for even more versatile functionality.

Key Takeaways

Each of the above Gantt chart makers could be a great choice for your business. Our advice? Give them a try using free trials before signing up for a subscription. That way, you can give each software a test run before spending a lot of cash.

Find more helpful tools for your small business on our resource guide.