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The 5 Best Free Online Planners

The 5 Best Free Online Planners

Every good business has a plan. Every good plan has a planner. 

Whether it’s a shared planner or a personal planner, being able to plan your days, weeks and months can be a game-changer. You can be more organized, less stressed, and far less likely to miss important meetings or deadlines. 

Nowadays, manual tracking such as paper planners is outdated and just doesn’t do the job. Having something online means it’s easily accessible and can’t be lost. That’s why most teams and businesses have made the transition to some form of digital planning.

Digital planners are a great way to organize a busy life.

You can streamline and enhance productivity and make sure no message is missed. 

So let’s take a look at the 5 best free online planners out there today:

Here’s What We’ll Cover:


Google Calendar




Key Takeaways

1. Friday

Everybody loves Friday. And it would seem a lot of people love the digital planner provided by the company Friday. 

Friday allows users to quickly roadmap their day and see meetings, tasks, and work routines in one, easy-to-use, daily schedule. 

They also provide a helpful Chrome extension where you can see a simplified view of what you need to accomplish when you open a new tab in your browser. 

They offer both a free and a monthly paid version of the planner.

Make Productivity A Priority

2. Google Calendar

One of the oldest rules on the internet: If there’s an online need, there’s a Google app.

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar. It has an easy-to-use, integrated service that allows you to have everything in one place. 

Your daily planner is constantly uploaded online, so even if you lose your device you can still access your calendar. 

You can link your planner with your contacts, google maps and many other Google services. This means you’ll never have to miss out on any information you might need. 

3. Todoist

Todoist is the top-ranked productivity app used by millions of people to organize their work and life schedule.

Todoist has claimed to have helped millions of people complete over 1.5 billion tasks in 150+ million projects making it a very popular choice.

It’s quick and easy to sign up using your email or google account and allows you to plan your day with ease. 

Their free service allows you to create up to 5 active projects with up to 5 collaborators per project. 

4. Toggl

Toggl Plan is a free online calendar planner for people who need a more visual calendar planner. 

They have a very straightforward interface and an easy-to-use platform which sets it apart from many other online planners. 

If you’re a visual person who enjoys a bit of color, Toggl will be a good choice as it prides itself on its aesthetics. 

You can link Toggl with apps such as Google calendar, Slack and other business software. 

Toggl is only free for 14 days if you sign up for their team or business service. But they do offer a ‘Solo’ service for free which is great for personal projects and light planning for freelancers.

Put The Focus Back On Your Focus

5. Canva

While Canva is more known for being a graphic design platform, they also offer free online planner templates. These allow you to create your own plan with just a few clicks. 

As you’d expect from a graphic design platform, there is a large library of fonts, images and design elements. So you can personalize your planner to suit your needs. 

This is the perfect planner for somebody who works visually and enjoys the design process. 

Once you’ve created your planner, Canva allows you to download your planner to a PDF or JPG for free so you can have offline access. 

Canva offers premium fonts and design elements that aren’t available to free users. But if there is a premium version that you’d like, then you can buy it for $1 instead of subscribing. 

Key Takeaways

People work in different ways. 

Some prefer data-driven information that allows them to maximize their time. While others prefer to have everything laid out and well designed so they can be motivated to get the job done. 

No matter how you work, you can find a daily, weekly or monthly planner that works for you and your team.  

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