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Essential Tools to Help You Work Remotely

Essential Tools To Help You Work Remotely

Set up a Workspace

Create an Organized Schedule

Taking Regular Breaks

Use Remote Working Software

With times changing drastically and more people working remotely, we’re suddenly in need of new tools to assist us. If you’re not accustomed to working remotely, it can be quite a challenge. You may not be prepared for what is ahead of you, and it is important to give yourself the best chance when it comes to successfully working remotely. While working remotely may sound appealing, there can be many distractions and you can easily get off track. Gathering essential tools is crucial in allowing you to efficiently and productively work remotely. Below are some essentials tools to utilize when making the shift to a home office.

Set up a Workspace

Setting up a proper and functional workspace is one of the first things that should be done when working remotely. Giving yourself the space that you would normally have within a workplace environment is key to working productively. Your workspace should be free from distractions and clutter. An ergonomic and comfortable chair is also important. Sitting upright can help you focus as it reduces pain by supporting your posture, and improves wellness and productivity. If possible, setting up this space in a quiet room or area is ideal. Keeping your work to this one space will help you to maintain boundaries once the work day is over.

Create an Organized Schedule

Creating an organized schedule to follow is another thing that should be done as soon as you start remote work. If you don’t have a set schedule, you may find yourself losing hours, unsure of where to start and most of all—procrastinating. Sticking to a schedule, like you would in an office, will allow you to keep the structure of your day. If you’re working from home, make sure the ones around you are aware of your set schedule. They may view your working remotely as free time, which can distract you from your work.

Taking Regular Breaks

While working remotely, it’s easy to forget to take breaks and to work late into the night. We are solely responsible for taking breaks when working remotely—there are no employers or colleagues to remind us. Taking regular breaks in your day is essential for productivity. Breaks can increase your motivation, renew your focus, improve your memory and problem-solving abilities, and give you an energy boost. It’s also important to take breaks to ensure your work-life balance, and to separate your professional and personal time.

Use Remote Working Software

Software and apps are a huge part of working remotely. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to connect with our employers and colleagues, or do our work efficiently. Software and apps are available for many different daily needs and types of work. These programs can be used for time management, note taking, project managing, meetings and conferences. As working remotely can still require you to travel, a mileage tracker app is a useful tool to keep your travel in check. Below are some useful apps and software for each purpose.

For time management:

  • Hubstaff
  • WorkHours
  • HiveDesk
  • Timely
  • RescueTime

For note taking:

  • Notion
  • Evernote
  • Slite
  • Google Keep
  • Standard Notes

For project Management:

  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Filestage

For meetings and conferences:

  • Zoom
  • Join.me
  • Google Hangouts
  • RingCentral Meetings
  • GoToMeeting

Working remotely can be a challenge, however, it can result in a more relaxed lifestyle—if you manage your time effectively. Utilizing essential tools to help you work remotely will improve your efficiency, actively connect you with your colleagues and make the most of your work day.


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