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5 Best Mileage Tracker App for Small Businesses

5 Best Mileage Tracker App for Small Businesses

Mileage trackers are a great tool for any business, no matter what the size. 

Every time you or an employee is on the road in the name of business or out on business trips, it’s an expense that should be claimed against your taxes. 

But keeping a track of your miles can be tricky. 

That’s why many companies have started using mileage tracker apps. This is so they can easily and efficiently keep a track of all the miles their employees have driven. 

So when it comes to tax time, everything is in one place. 

So let’s take a look at the 5 best mileage tracker apps out there. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover:






Key Takeaways

1. FreshBooks

Want to keep a track of your mileage, but also keep track of your business on the whole?

Then look no further than FreshBooks

FreshBooks’ mileage tracking automatically keeps a track of your and your employee’s business miles. They also allow you to edit or input them manually. 

But FreshBooks isn’t just for tracking miles. We also offer a range of services from FreshBooks Payments to invoicing and expense tracking

We have a simple pricing structure, our software is easy to use and there are no hidden costs.

With 30 million people already using FreshBooks all over the world, it’s certainly a popular choice. 

2. SherpaShare

If you’re running a rideshare driver business or a pick-up service, then SherpaShare is a perfect choice. 

Not only does it have unlimited, automatic mileage tracking, but it also suggests more profitable routes. 

By tracking the hourly revenue and profits of its drivers, SherpaShare can pick out a route based on past drives that maximize your profit. 

The downside to SherpaShare is that there is no free option, so you would have to be sure you’d use it to its full potential if you are going to be paying monthly.

It also caters to a much smaller market, so it may not be worth the money if you aren’t going to use it for its exact intended purpose. 

3. MileIQ

MileIQ is an intelligent software that recognizes frequent trips and allows you to flag regular routes and locations. This is perfect for businesses with frequently driven routes. 

Hours can also be customizable, which is great for employees that don’t keep to the same hours and routes each week. 

MileIQ is easy to use, as you simply load up the app on your phone and leave it passively in the background of your phone whilst you’re traveling. 

They have a free version, but this is only limited to 40 trips per month. So if you’re a business that travels frequently, you’d have to upgrade to their premium package which offers unlimited trips per month. 

MileIQ only tracks your miles and not your other business expenses. But it can be integrated with accountancy software such as QuickBooks or FreshBooks.

4. Hurdlr

If you’re looking for software that isn’t just a mileage app, then Hurdlr might be for you. 

Hurdlr is a fully-fledged business software that tracks any business expense. 

It integrates with other platforms and apps and has the ability to track income and expenses to forecast profits. It can even estimate your taxes. 

The downside is that the mileage tracker isn’t available with the free version. So you would have to purchase the premium version to make use of the tracker. 

5. Everlance

Everlance is known as an affordable mileage tracker. It is targeted towards small business owners, independent contractors and freelance professionals. 

Everlance prides itself on making tracking your mileage and generating receipts for tax deductions or reimbursement simple, easy, and free. 

Similar to SherpaShare, Everlance uses an automatic mileage tracking system. It uses GPS tracking to record your business miles and runs in the background of your phone. 

You can even change the tracking from business mileage use to personal use so you can keep detailed records of miles driven.

With the free version, you only get 30 trips per month. But the premium plan, which offers unlimited mileage tracking, starts at only $5 a month which shouldn’t break the bank. 

Key Takeaways

Using a mileage tracking app is a great way to keep detailed mileage logs of all of your business travel expenses. 

It’s always important to keep your files in order, as when you’re filing your taxes it can make things a thousand times easier.

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