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Trello vs Which Project Management Software is Better

Trello vs Which Project Management Software is Better

Project management software such as FreshBooks is a great way for small businesses to manage complex projects. 

Using management software allows your whole team to work collaboratively on a number of different projects. You can record progress, add relevant details and make any changes in real-time. 

For business owners or project managers, the software allows you to have a clear overview of the project and it’s health and progress. This creates a streamlined process that allows you to concentrate on getting the work done in a timely manner.

Trello and are two of the most popular project management tools out there. Yet their approach to project management is very different.

It can be tough to decide which project management tools to use. 

So we’ll break down the differences between Trello and to help you decide which may be best for your business. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

Trello vs.

Key Takeaways

Trello vs.

Trello Overview

Trello is a kanban project management system. It’s perfect for marketing projects, sales funnels and sales pipelines, support tracking and HR tracking. 

It has both a free plan and an upper-tier premium plan which is used by large companies such as Adobe, Foot Locker and Spotify. 

Trello is a simple, image-oriented program. This makes it a great choice for freelance workers in art & design. It’s also great for businesses that value aesthetically pleasing projects. Overview is slightly more advanced than Trello, but it remains easy to use. It’s used by companies such as Adidas, HubSpot and Lonely Planet. 

It is not software that is suitable for individual users or for more personal projects as it is designed for a project team. There is no free version and their lower-level plans have quite limited features.

However, if you need a large amount of functionality across the board then could be a great choice for you. As long as you are willing to pay for the premium package.

Ease Of Use

Trello has a very clean user interface. Most of the features are hidden in the task cards or behind the menus. This allows for a very user-friendly experience as the slate always looks clean and tidy.’s user interface is fun and colorful. It’s great to look at and is very inviting. However, some may find it is a bit too busy and slightly overwhelming to new users. 


Trello has a standard pricing plan of $9.99 per user per month. This means it’s the slightly cheaper alternative to who’s basic plan pricing is $49 per month for 1-5 users. 

However, Trello offers far fewer functionalities than, so it can be considered a case of you get what you pay for. 

Trello offers a free plan for users with limited functionality, but it’s a good way to try the software out and see if it suits your needs. offers a 14-day refund period. So there is less time to decide whether it’s the right software for you. 


Trello allows you a number of features such as:

  • Scheduling: mix up and prioritize tasks on custom cards
  • Collaboration: Write or respond to comments in real-time
  • Attachments: Attach files, images or links.
  • A mobile app: Manage your boards on the go offers all of this plus:

  • Shared team calendar: See the tasks that are due on a shared calendar.
  • Resource management: Create custom boards and track project resources.
  • Time tracking: Add time tracking to keep a note of the time spent on each project.

Key Takeaways

When you break it all down, both software’s have some fantastic advanced features but there seems to be a clear distinction between the two.

Trello is perfectly suited to small, creative teams that don’t need more than just the basic features. is perfect for small to medium businesses that want to tackle a more complex project. They will find more use in taking advantage of the wide range of additional features and don’t mind paying slightly more for the privilege. 

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