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How do the three types of PayPal Standard accounts impact my Client’s payment experience?

There are three different types of PayPal Standard accounts:

  1. Personal - Your Client can not pay you by credit card. They can only pay your via PayPal transfer of funds from their own PayPal account. When trying to pay your Invoice online, they will forced to sign up for a PayPal account even though they think they can pay by credit card.
    • PayPal Personal accounts can be upgraded to Premiere/Business for free from within your PayPal account. There is an Upgrade button on your My Account page next to your name.
  2. Premiere - You can accept credit cards and PayPal transfers
  3. Business - You can accept credit cards and PayPal transfers

Below is the screen that your Clients will see if you have a Premiere or Business PayPal account and you’re using PayPal Standard (accepts credit cards, % fee)

PayPal Screen

PayPal will always automatically check the box that says Save this information with a PayPal account. This action will force your Clients to create a password and sign up for PayPal even if that wasn’t their intention.

Your Clients need to uncheck that box so that they don’t get forced into signing up for PayPal. Unchecking the box will remove the enter password fields for them and they can continue paying by credit card.

Note: The PayPal Personal screen also looks like this, but Clients don’t have a checkbox option. They have no choice but to sign up for a PayPal account on the spot.

Important: Please note that any goods or services sold on an Invoice using FreshBooks are not eligible for PayPal Seller Protection. To learn more about PayPal Seller Protection, please follow this link.