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Why Switch to FreshBooks from Your Current Software?

Most invoicing and accounting software solutions aren’t user-friendly, don’t have the tools you need and don’t actually make it easier to run your business. Refreshingly, FreshBooks walks the talk with intuitive and easy-to-use features and tools.

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Is Now the Time to Change Your Accounting Software?

You’re reading this because your accounting software doesn’t “feel right”, does it? In fact, it feels so wrong you’re seriously thinking about switching to FreshBooks.

Can you hear those joyful trumpets in the distance? You’re on the right path.

Make a Change and Break up with Your Accounting Software

Powerful FreshBooks Features for the Small Business Owner

  • Automate Recurring Invoices
  • Easily Capture Expenses
  • Log Every Hour with Time Tracking
  • Collaborate with Contractors
  • Create Easy to Understand Reports

Sound familiar? You likely have an unhealthy relationship with your existing accounting software. Maybe you’ve grown apart, and it’s time to move on. Worse? Do you feel like you’re trapped in an unhealthy relationship and can’t escape?

Did your accountant recommend software that’s too hard to use, but you feel like you have no choice but to use it? Have you tried to move away from it before, only to have your efforts thwarted? You’re not alone. This happens all the time, and it’s just holding you and your business back from progress and growth.

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A Better World for Your Business Awaits

Imagine a world, where your accounting software feels tailored to your personal needs and is so easy to use you feel in complete control. Now you’re efficient, you look professional and you and your business save tons of time that you can now pour back into serving your clients. This new world offers all the “accounting stuff” you need so your accountant will be happy, and if you’re into balance sheets, the chart of accounts and the GL like them you’ll be excited about it too.

However, you might find this crazy to hear, but all that is just a necessary added bonus because that’s not actually what FreshBooks is built to deliver you.

“So easy to use you feel in complete control.”

Built for You, Not for Everyone

FreshBooks is designed to solve your biggest pain: Billing your clients. Whether you’re self-employed and send a few invoices a month, you run firm and have to coordinate the creation of invoices involving many people who are tracking their time or your business simply creates a lot of invoices and needs the efficiency of advanced payment collection, FreshBooks solves all of your client billing problems. Unlike other accounting software, which is built to solve generic accounting problems for accountants and bookkeepers where billing is an afterthought, FreshBooks is built for business owners who invoice and do lots of other things for themselves. It focuses all its energy on doing just that. It was designed from the invoice out.

It might seem like a small difference, but it will change your world.

FreshBooks Is Different, and Switching Is Easy

Sound appealing? Mike would agree – he founded FreshBooks to solve these problems for himself, way back in 2004.  Since then, over 20,000,000 people have trusted FreshBooks, so you can too. And Mike never forgets – you are busy, so switching has to be easy.

“FreshBooks takes care of a million thankless tasks.”

You Start Using Freshbooks Now, It Takes Seconds to Get Going

Have questions? Never fear. FreshBooks is globally recognized as a leader in customer service, and we love to hear from our customers, so please call or email – it’s our pleasure to serve you.

Switching to Freshbooks Is Fast, Easy and Only a Phone Call Away

But, maybe the thing that’s kept you from switching all along is all that historical data you have in your current accounting software? No problem. FreshBooks offers personalized services to help get your old data from wherever it is now, safely into FreshBooks.  

Concerned your accountant might revolt? They should be excited! FreshBooks offers them easy secure access to everything they need to serve you well.  

Is your accountant taking a stand, saying you can’t switch? No problem, please send them our way. We won’t bite. We’ll show them how life with FreshBooks is better for you both.

That usually does the trick, but if your accountant is really digging in there heels FreshBooks offers automated bookkeeping services, that will save you time and money. We can introduce you to accountants near you that are hip to the wonderful ways of FreshBooks, so you don’t have to spend your precious energy fighting the wrong battles.

Don’t Wait, Switch to FreshBooks Today

Don’t let old habits or other people’s priorities get in the way of being the best business owner you can be. Do it for you and for your business. Switch to FreshBooks today.

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