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Free Billing Statement Template

Maintaining a clear line of communication with your clients is essential to building strong relationships and loyalty. These things largely contribute to success in your business. One tool that helps improve your communication with your clients is a Billing Statement.

A billing statement—also called an account statement—is a document that lists all of a client’s charges over a given period of time. It shows your client how much they have been billed and when.

Now, you can create free itemized billing statements with FreshBooks. Simply download the template, plug in the numbers and send the statement to your client in minutes.

Free Billing Statement Template

Download the Free Billing Statement Template

Keeping your clients in the loop about their account activity is important. With the help of the sample billing statement from FreshBooks, you can create detailed and professional billing statements for free.

The templates are available for download in Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, Google Sheets and Google Docs. They are formatted to work with the program of your choice to make customization a breeze.

Create itemized billing statements without the headache with ready-made templates from FreshBooks.

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Free Sample Billing Statement

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What is a Billing Statement?

A billing statement – otherwise known as an account statement – is a document that lists all charges made to a client’s account over a given period of time.

It’s different from an invoice in that it is not sent to notify clients of what they owe. It is simply to let them know how much they have been billed by your company in the past.

A comparable document would be the credit card statement that you receive every month to notify you of all of the charges that have been made.

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Why Use a Billing Statement?

Billing statements are great for communicating with clients and avoiding confusion. They give your clients a monthly or quarterly round up of all the charges that have been made to their accounts.

Creating and sending billing statements serves as both courtesy to a client and as a helpful file in your records. It allows you compare billing statements from different clients to see where your money is coming from each month. You can also analyze this information for insights to guide future business decisions.

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How to Fill Out a Sample Billing Statement

Need to create a billing statement? Create your first report with FreshBooks.

Download Template

Download the FreshBooks billing statement template in the format of your choice.

Determine Period

Decide what time frame your billing statement will cover. Choose either a monthly or quarterly.

Retrieve Data

Collect all invoices sent to particular client during chosen timeframe.

Organize Data

Determine how you want to sort the charges. Many people sort them my date or category.

Input Data

Add all of the data you’ve collected into the template.

Review Report

Look back over your report and other documents to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

More Accounting Report Templates

Looking for additional accounting resources? FreshBooks has you covered. Download any of the customizable accounting report templates for free.

If you are looking to put your bookkeeping on autopilot, check out the FreshBooks cloud accounting software. This powerful accounting software generates all of the reports listed above with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a billing statement include?

A billing statement, or statement of account, includes all of the charges made to a specific account during a given timeframe. Having this on record helps you and your clients stay organized.

How often are billing statements sent?

Since billing statements are used to give clients a rundown on all charges made to their account, you want to send them relatively often. Monthly is ideal, but you may also choose to send them quarterly account statements, depending on the nature of your services.

What is the difference between a billing statement and an invoice?

A billing statement doesn’t typically require action, but an invoice does. An invoice lets a client know how much they owe and a billing statement lets them know how much they’ve been charged in a the past.

Are account statements and billing statements the same thing?

Yes. Billing statements are often used when financial services are rendered, but you can the statement either an “account statement” or a “billing statement”.

Does the FreshBooks cloud accounting software generate billing statements automatically?

Yes. Billing statements are generated based off of the invoices that you’ve sent to a particular account during the given period. FreshBooks accounting software does this for you, all within a single easy-to-access online portal.

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