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Easy to Use Accounting Software

We are in the age of innovation, and people are creating more businesses than ever. Along with this rise in new businesses came a demand for independent accounting software. It saves time and money while also providing the invaluable service of keeping exact and infallible records of financials including bills and invoices. 


Software developers were quick to respond to demand. Intuit released Quickbooks in 2003 and quickly cornered the market. The programs features and accounting functions made it a quick favorite with people who were already accountants but left the average employee in the dark on jargon like acronyms and was in general hard to understand. Today you are much more likely to find a user friendly accounting software online that allows non-accountants to do accounting work, as long as you know the right one to get. 


On The Market Today

We will take a look at several industry leading software packages comparing their levels of complexity, what makes each one unique, and some general pros and cons to help you decide which is best for you and your business.



One of the top choices among consumers is the newly improved FreshBooks. It is best for small and medium sized businesses looking for simplicity, strong invoicing, and proposals. The programs’ simple design makes it perfect for someone who has little to no experience with accounting, but has enough features to keep experienced accountants happy too. This is due to the recent addition of double entry accounting, making Freshbooks a complete accounting solution. FreshBooks has always been one of the easiest software systems to use, but a recent renovation has made the UI more attractive, making the user experience even easier without adding any complications or sources of confusion. The software is easy to get started with and will have you feeling comfortable with accounting in no time. In summary, Freshbooks is great for any small business but especially those getting started and need a cheap and simple to use but complete accounting software suite. 



Some businesses are looking for more of just the bare minimum when it comes to accounting software because they do not have much of a need for it, they could be brand new and not have the funds for a monthly subscription or just find it unnecessary. Zipbooks is a good option for those who do not yet know what they need in their accounting software because it is free, low risk, and easy to approach, with a user friendly UI. However, if your company requires more than the most basic of accounting services you will quickly realize you need to upgrade to the paid version of Zipbooks or switch providers altogether. This program a decent alternative for anyone who is just starting to look for accounting software and wants to know what a good and approachable program should look like while familiarizing yourself with techniques without the cost of other software. 


QuickBooks Online

In an effort to be more approachable Intuit has now developed QuickBooks Online which is more approachable than their traditional program and also offers a cloud based login to work from anywhere. The negative of this choice is the price point which can be hard to stomach for small businesses as each additional feature adds more of a subscription cost. This vast number of features can also mean that the program may quickly become much more complicated than its competition. Overall we would recommend Quickbooks for large companies with a dedicated accounting staff that can handle the increased complexity they require. 


Which is the best choice for you?

Thanks to software developers we now have a much easier to use inventory of accounting programs that do not require someone with a degree in accounting to operate. Looking back, the best choice for a small company looking for the very basic of accounting services should look into Zipbooks because of its free price while someone with current clients and wants to make sure all of their needs are addressed should look into Freshbooks where they can find an approachable design with a full set of features at a low price.