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Logo Design Invoice Template

Spend more time on your creative pursuits and less time chasing payments from clients. FreshBooks lets you create invoices online quickly and easily so you can focus on your art.

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The Best Invoicing for Logo Designers

You’re a talented designer, but you may be less passionate about accounting. Get a free logo design invoice template and create professional invoices tailored to your business.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Logo Design Invoice Template

As a graphic designer, your visuals bring a brand’s personality to life. With all the work that goes into creating a logo for a business, you deserve to get paid for that––and promptly.

That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use logo design invoice template.

Because although developing a strong portfolio is great––so is paying your bills.

With the free logo design invoice template from FreshBooks, you can create professional invoices that enable clients to pay you the right way.

Available in .PDF, .XLS, .DOC, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Browse all invoice templates for download.

Download a Logo Design Invoice Template

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Logo Design

You create splashy logo designs for your clients, but you may be less enthusiastic about designing your own invoices. Download your free logo design invoice template and create professional-looking invoices that impress.

What Is a Logo Design Invoice Used For?

Graphic design is your passion––but it’s also hard work. You are a savvy small business owner who deserves to get paid just like any other brand or entrepreneur.

We want to make sure of it.

While being a graphic designer lets you spend hours on Photoshop and obsessing over typography, it’s still labor in service of other businesses. You deserve to be compensated promptly, not months and months after a client has already been using the logo.

A logo design invoice allows you to bill clients professionally, like the savvy business owner you are. Our template outlines the services provided, cost, the total, accepted payment methods and more.

A strategic invoice makes it easy to stay on top of your accounts, organize client information and check in on payments.

There are many benefits of using a logo design invoice template to bill for your services.

  • Stay up-to-date on balances
  • Get paid faster
  • Keep client information organized
  • Have a doc with printer-friendly formatting
  • Keep all information on-hand for tax time

Experience these benefits, and more, for yourself.

How to Create a Logo Design Invoice

Creating a comprehensive invoice for logo design services is now a no-brainer.

To start sending invoices, already pre-made for you, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the free “Logo Design Invoice Template” from FreshBooks
  2. Add any business branding, such as your own logo, colors and font
  3. At the top of the invoice, add your name, your business name (if have one) and contact details
  4. Outline logo and any other design services provided, as well as a description and rates for each
  5. Input your client’s name, their business name and contact details
  6. Add up the cost of each service and include in the “Total” section
  7. Share your preferred payment methods, such as Paypal, credit card or ACH bank transfer
  8. Write out the late payment policy or any other policies in the “Notes” field
  9. Save

With our blank customizable fields, simply fill in the services provided and each rate. This is a thorough way to clarify what work you provided and justify the total amount on the invoice––in case they need a friendly reminder.

The logo design invoice template can be used again and again to bill clients. You can breathe easy knowing that, using the Freshbooks template, all the information you need to get paid correctly is handled.

Ready to see why so many graphic designers in North America, the UK and beyond are using the logo invoice template?

Invoice Types for Logo Design

Every company has a unique personality and needs a logo to match. Likewise, invoices for design work must be tailored to match each project.

Whether you are a freelance graphic designer for creating logos for small businesses, executing website design or working on brands’ promotional materials, you need an invoice.

As a creative with a love for branding and typography, you often do more than logos.

In fact, it is likely you need help with billing for:

Whether you need a logo design template, invoice for website design projects or anything else in between, FreshBooks has got your covered.

A logo is so much more than a pretty design – as you know. You are using all your experience, design know-how and business savvy to create a visual that helps the company connect with the right customers.

Designing a logo is an important process that deserves to be compensated for. The logo invoice template helps ensure you get paid for your hard work – and on time.

While you love helping businesses to brand, at the end of the day, you still need a paycheck. After all, the latest design programs and technology don’t come cheap. Using our invoice for logo design ensures you get paid––the way you deserve to.

Simply download the free logo design invoice template and tailor it to your needs, adding your own branding as you like. With blank fields to specify the services provided, outline your preferred payment and more, invoicing becomes easier than ever.

Download Free Templates

Download a Logo Design Invoice Template for Free

Getting paid for graphic design services can now be so easy, thank goodness. To get paid fast, get excited for your free logo design invoice sample from FreshBooks.

To start, download the template, tailor the details and send it off. Remember, it’s easy to bill for related services like website help, social media graphics and business card design.

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