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General Info

This is a list of error codes and descriptions

Accounting Errors

Number Error Code Description
409 Conflict The resource being modified is being modified by another request.
500 FreshAlchemyUnexpected The ORM encountered an unexpected error.
1001 RequiredField A required field is missing
1003 AccessDenied You do not have access to perform the action requested.
1004 InvalidValue A Value passed was not of the right type or range.
1005 ParseError The server was unable to parse your request, possibly due to a syntactical error in the request format.
1006 MappingError  
1039 ValuesBackwardsError  
1042 InactiveAccountError The account referred to in the request is inactive.
1007 DateRangeBackwardsError A supplied date range must have the earlier date first.
1008 DateRangeRequiredError A field in the request that requires a date range was not supplied one.
1009 DuplicateGroupByClause The request caused an attempt to group by a column that is already used for a group by in a query.
1010 UnknownGroupByClause The request caused an attempt to group by an unknown column in a query.
1011 DeletedResource The resource referred to in the request is deleted.
1012 UnknownResource The resource referred to in the request cannot be found.
1013 InvalidPerPage The ‘per_page’ argument in the request was not a positive integer.
1014 InvalidPage The ‘page’ argument in the request was not a positive integer.
1015 MappingErrorNumber  
1016 MappingErrorDateTime  
1033 MappingErrorDate  
1031 MappingErrorBoolean  
1017 MaxLengthExceeded The request, or a line in the request, was too long.
1018 InvalidPercentValue Percent values should be strings formatted as decimals.
1019 ItemDuplicateTax A tax being added to an item seems to already exist.
1020 FileUploadFailed  
1021 FileDownloadFailed  
1022 FileDeleteFailed  
1023 FilterErrorDate  
1024 FilterErrorNumber  
1032 FilterErrorBoolean  
1034 FilterErrorList  
1025 InvalidNegativeValue A value in the request that was negative should not be.
1026 DuplicateTax The tax in the request already exists.
1027 InvalidCharacter  
1028 InvalidLessThanOneValue  
1029 InvalidDuplicateValue  
1030 InvalidRangeValue  
1035 InvalidMappingType  
1036 UnicodeOutOfRange  
1037 FilterErrorScalar  
1038 WriteAccessDenied  
1040 InvalidTotal  
1100 SystemVisitException  
1101 SystemAlreadyVisited  
1102 MaximumContractorChainLengthReached  
1103 LateReminderPositionNotSupported  
1104 OldVisStateAttributeCouldNotBeSet  
1105 CannotUpdateIpAddress  
1106 CannotUpdateLandingUrl  
1107 CannotUpdateReferringUrl  
1108 CannotUpdateReferralid  

Time Entries Errors

Number Error Code Description
401 Unauthorized An authentication token was not provided.
403 Forbidden The time entries requested are not accessible to the user identified by the provided authentication token.
404 Not Found The time entries requested in the URL are not found.